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Energy Audit

Hope you like it!!

Sakena Baig

on 6 June 2013

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Transcript of Energy Audit

By: Sakena Baig My Energy Audit At home we use extension wires for most of our electronics.

They help to save energy because they are better than just using the plug on the wall to charge or just power an electronic because all you have to do, is plug the extension wire in once and then you can plug all the other electronics on it! Sometimes, when it's not that hot during summer, instead of air conditioning or a fan, we open the windows and balcony doors to keep us cool.

It helps to save energy because if we use the air conditioning or a fan, they use a whole lot of electricity to power them. But if we use the air from outside by opening our windows and balcony doors to cool us, it would save money, and conserve energy!
Air To Cool Instead
Of Energy Use When my family goes out, my mom always makes sure that all the rooms' lights are turned off, any other electronics (e.g tv, computer) are turned off, and my mom ALWAYS makes sure that the taps and refrigerator doors are closed.

This helps to conserve energy because those things use energy to work and if we left them on for the whole time that we were gone it would waste a LOT of energy because they are not in anybody's use, and some would have to work extra hard in order for them to work properly (e.g refrigerator)

Not Wasting Energy When Not In Use Unnecessary Energy Use Conserving Energy at
Home! My family conserves energy in many ways and every way even if it's a small thing or big, it still helps to save energy! These are just some ways my family conserves energy and how it helps. Extension Wires Low-Energy Use At A Time When the TV is on we try not to use the computer at the same time.

It helps to save energy because if the TV and the computer are used both at the same time lots of power is getting used at once and it wastes energy.

My mom does not use a dishwasher to dry or wash the dishes, instead she uses her hands to wash them and lets the air dry the dishes.

This helps because dishwashers use lots of energy and we can just use out hands and the air to wash and dry our dishes instead of wasting energy for something that can be done easily without it. Making Sure Not To Use Two
Opposite Things At a Time

Whenever the air conditioning or heater is on we keep the windows and the balcony door closed.

This helps to save energy because the hot/cold air from outside can come in and while the air conditioner or heater are on it won't make a difference and just waste energy!
Saving Water I always used to take baths and once my mom told me that you can save energy by taking a shower instead of a bath , and now I always take showers!

This saves energy because a shower takes up four times less energy than a bath! And so if you take a shower instead, you can save a lot of energy! Re-Using When my mom and I go shopping, most of the time she brings shopping bags from home to carry what we bought.

This helps to conserve energy because when factories make plastic bags, usually people throw them out after using them, and it just wastes the energy used to create the bags so it's better to re-use bags even the plastic ones! Walking Instead of Driving We have a grocery stores/mall right in front of our building and my mom and I always walk there.

This helps to conserve energy because if we just drove there, we would waste petrol, and it would pollute the air!

Sunlight and Fluorescent
Light Bulbs During the daytime we keep some of the lights closed so we can use the sunlight to light up our living room. We also use Compact fluorescent light bulbs.

This helps to conserve energy because, just like the air the sunlight does not cost any money and you don't need a bunch of light bulbs to light up your living room, just the sunlight from a window. Compact Fluorescent light bulbs use 75% less energy than conventional light bulbs. THANK YOU SO MUCH, I HOPE YOU APPRECIATED HOW WE SAVE ENERGY AT HOME!!
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