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mini project of communication skill

NCIIA/Epicenter student ambassadors Program http://epicenter.stanford.edu/student-ambassadors-program

Modhawe Adnan

on 10 March 2013

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Transcript of mini project of communication skill

Surprises! Small project of communication skill Marshall Ganz (Harvard U.) Getting started Introductory exercises. Language focus verbs Subject and verb change their position in statement and question. Yes No Questions. or Am Is Are Was verb to be: Past verb to do: were did Present past Present do does Are you from Germany? Examples present Are they from Germany? are is he your friend ?! Is she your sister ?! Is it a large Swimming Pool ?! Is past Do you understand me? Do they like shopping ?! DO does he cook a dinner?! Does she know any movie stars? Does Unit :1 How do you spell that ? language focus Spelling and numbers Grammar : Personal information : Could I have your phone number ? Sure it is 555 -1093 yes it is 555 -1093 or Could you tell me your name ? Yes , it is pet doe How do you spell that ? how do you spell your name ? or It is p e t . Unit : 2 Crossing borders. Countries and languages . Grammar : Country and nationality City Language Where are you from ? or where do you come from ? I am come from s .a. I am from s.a. Where are they from ? They are from japan Where is she from ? She is from lndia What languages do you speak ? I speak French . What languages does he speak ? He speak hindi Where do you live ? I live in new York . vocabulary Unit :3 Looking for it . Locations . Prepositions of place : in front of next to In
on between on the right \left in the middle of behind over at under Question Wh
questions yes \ no
questions Where is the book ? The book is on the table. Is the book on the table ? Yes ,it is . or no, it is not Where are the sunglasses ? They are on the police car . example example Is the bag in front of the desk ? Are my shoes under the desk ? Yes ,it is . or no, it is not Yes , they are or no ,they are not unit4 unit5 unit 7 Doing Things Action Language focus grammar what are you \ they is she \ he doing I'm
He's \ She's
We're \ They're Playing tennis
watching TV
doing homework Are
Is you \ they
he \ she doing laundry
watching TV Yes, I
He\ She
We \ They am
are No, not I'm
he's \she's
we're \ they're Say That Again Review and consolidation vocabulary unit 6 Making A Living Occupation vocabulary language
focus Grammar what do
does you \ they
he \she do A teacher
teachers I'm \ He's \ She's
We're \ They're Do
Does you \ they
he \ she sit down at work yes, I \ We \They
He \She do
does do
does work at night usually
sometimes No, I \ we \ they
he\ she not how do
does you\they
he\she get work I\we\they
he\she get
gets to work by bus .
by subway. I \ we \They
He\She always
sometimes work at night
wears hat I \ we \They
He\She don't
doesn't work outdoors
wears a uniform
sit down at work IN MY FREE TIME free time activities Modhawe adnan Nuha abdualltif Ramlih abdulhameed layla hussen kawther ali Grammar what do
does you
she Like to do in your
her free time I\We\they
He\She like
likes to play tennis huda ali fatimah yousef sokynah abas ms. Zainab AL-ghzal How often
Where do
does you \ they
he \ she play tennis
go jogging I \ We They
He \She play tennis
go jogging every day
every Saturday
in the park
at school who do
does you
he \she play tennis
go jogging with I
he \ she play tennis
go jogging with
alone vocabulary unit 8 DO YOU HAVE ONE ? Possessions Language focus Grammar have
has Do
Does have a CD player
headphone yes, I \ We \ They
he \ she do
does you \ they
he \ she what kind of Mp3 player
headphones do
does you \ they
he \ she have It's a
They're Sony
Panasonic I \ You
We \ They a motorcycle
two dogs He \ She I \ You
We \ They Don't
Doesn't have a cat
Sunglasses He \ She
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