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Career Shadowing Project

No description

Savannah Lundgren

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Career Shadowing Project

E.D.I Specialist gres gfesvcdvsdf vdfavfdsa Purpose of the EDI Department

EDI stands for Electronic Data Interchange
EDI is the computer to computer exchange of buisness documents between companies, useing a standard format. EDI is based on the use of message standards, enuring that all participants use a common language. Salary $25,000 - $35,000 a year
$2,083 - $2,916 a month
$520 - $729 a week Associates Degrees in Computer Programing and another associates degree is need in Computer Networking is need to get a job in the EDI department in the Publix corperate office. Education Technology Phone for talking to suppliers
Paper Shredder to dispose of important papers
Printer to print the important papers that they would be getting rid of with the shredder
computer to comunicat with other office people and suppliers
Coppier so that everyone in the department can have the papers at thier desk.
Dress appropritely
You are aloud to have food, gum, and drinks at your desk.
Dont like cell phones but dont mind too much
Quiet enviroment Employability Skills In 15 years publix expects to have expanded
and be building more stroes, gas stations and
liquar stores across the country. In 15 Years Skills Needed for this job Standard Computer skills
How to use the mocrosoft office suit
How to use the Publix system
You have to keep the company secrets confidential Would I Take That Job No I wouldn't take a job in the EDI department because you don't get to interact with real life people face to face. What I Liked Best The thing that I liked best about the EDI department is that it is a very relaxed and open enviroment What I Disliked I didn't like that we didn't get to interact with people.
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