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Proposal for a Parent Educational Workshop Program

No description

Maddy Walsh

on 10 April 2014

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Transcript of Proposal for a Parent Educational Workshop Program

Proposal for a Parent Educational Workshop Program
Who We Are: Pencils of Promise
Our Mission:
Current Programs of Pencils of Promise

Builds sanitary stations within PoP schools
Provides knowledge about proper hygiene and sanitation

Who You Are: MoneyGram
Pencils of Promise
We believe every child should have access to quality education. We create schools, programs, and global communities around the common goal of education for all.
Currently Building in Laos, Nicaragua, Guatemala, and Ghana
Goal: Partner with local communities to serve educational infrastructure need
Attendance Based Scholarships designed to increase student progression and retention rate from primary to secondary schools
Teach Primary School Government Teachers Interactive Behavior and Skills
Providing Scholarships
Building Schools
Teacher Training Workshops
"The MoneyGram Foundation is passionate about inspiring young minds at an early age, because we believe education leads to prosperity and an improved livelihood over the long term- not just for the individual child, but also for entire families and our larger, global community"
The Need
Global Primary Net Enrollment Rate
Global Secondary Net Enrollment Rate
Staff Accomodations ($16,000)
Hiring and Paying Necessary Staff
Room and Board
Travel and Transportation
Outreach ($1,000)
Office Expenses ($2,000)
Workshop Materials ($1,000)
Results of the Parent Workshops
We expect this program will help parents to...
Encourage their children to attend school regularly
Provide a healthy & conducive learning environment at home
Create a sustainable support system
Program Details
Program Goal:
Increase parent/guardian support of PoP students to ultimately empower communities to develop their own sustainable educational structure

Pilot Program: Four Workshops in all 6 Pencils of Promise Schools in Ghana
Workshop 1&2:
Workshop 3&4:
Encourage education & evaluate environment

Concrete ways to support children & sustainable tools for the future.
Gather feedback and assess the success of the program
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