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A Prezi About Acid Rain and How we can change it

Selena Steele Clough

on 22 April 2014

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Transcript of ACID RAIN

Acid rain is a problem in Eastern Canada due to many of the water and soil systems not being alkaline, therefore not being able to neutralize the acid; Eastern Canada also has a greater amount of industrialization which helps contribute to the problem of acid rain.
By:Selena and Darlene
4 Types Of
A lot of the Acid rain has come from Canada releasing 1.2 mil tones of SO2 per year, from coal and fire power generating stations. Acid Rain
is also responsible for the loss of two billion to four billion dollars worth of wheat, corn, soybeans and peanuts. It's devastating for the farmers and for people like us who purchase these kind of goods.
Acid Rain affects the political aspect because gases are given off from industries from one country to another. The government is also not setting any regulation to stop the use of fossil fuels. This type of rain has spread into surrounding countries because of winds.
Because of human activities they have made the precipitation too acidic which causes more acid rain. Soils can't neutralize natural acids and industries burn large amounts of fossil fuels which causes more problems to the environment. Canada's soil is weak because of this problem, stripping it from its own nutrients and trees will lose the alblity to withstand the cold, and inhabit plant life
There are a lot of reasons on how our own society can cause acid rain. NO2 emissions from vehicles and fuel combustion, and large amounts of energy/using non-energy efficient appliances. People need to learn to not use so many resources that involve energy so they don't need to keep burning so much fossil fuel since it causes more acid rain.
How Acidic Is It?
Acid Rain
Average Rain
This helps to determines
the level of acidity in an object
The real question is
why are we not using alternative methods
There are so many things we could use to stop acid rain. Instead of burning fossil fuels, we could be using win turbines, solar panels, hydro electric wave power, and nuclear power
Just by using your car your contributing to the destruction of acid rain. I'm not saying to not ever use a car but even trying to car pool, or whats so bad with taking the city bus once in a while. It would be a lot better then having your family have 3 to 4 different cars.
Reducing Green House Gas Emissions
There is a an international agreement called the Kyoto Protocol, it helps united nations on climate change. Recognizing that developed countries are mostly responsibility for the current high levels of GHG emissions. Their are people out there trying there hardest to reduce the amount GHG emissions so the environment will be better and there could be less acid rain
Get involve and help!
"What about animals affected?
What about the fish and the polar bears that eat the fish?
What about us?
Do we have to settle for poisoned water?
What about the water cycle and acid rain falling on the grass?"
Theses are all good questions we should all be asking ourselves, we have so much technology out there but we keep using it for other reasons. Why is that we have a new IPhone come out almost every year but we cant reduce the amount of acid rain. Its time to get involve and help
What Can we Use instead of Fossil Fuel?
Cars Vs Buses
How is Acid Rain Created?
1. It starts off when sulfur dioxide and nitrogen
oxides are let into the air
2. Then gases get carried through the air
3. Theses harmful gases then get mixed into rain and water and end up falling down on the earths surface
Our Own Solution
In Our Own Country
Lakes in a large areas around Sudbury, Ontario, Canada, have been affected by very high acid and metal particulates. Even our own Ontario Lakes have been effected by it everyday.
Provinces that are part of the Canadian Precambrian Shield, like Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, are hardest hit by acid rain because their water and soil systems cannot fight the damaging consequences of high levels of acid rain.

People can try to reduce the amount of energy they use per day. Very simple things like turn off lights, computers, televisions, video games and other electrical equipment when your not using them. Try to buy devices that use less energy and limit the use of air conditioning in your own home.
Now what is your solution to stop Acid Rain?
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