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Behaviour Engineering; Taming Complexity, Growing Understanding

Presentation on industry applications Behaviour Engineering and outcomes

Dan Powell

on 24 May 2013

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Transcript of Behaviour Engineering; Taming Complexity, Growing Understanding

Behaviour Engineering
Taming Complexity
Growing Understanding Dan Powell
Director, Dendronix Motivation 46% of the pieces are missing, don't fit or require interpretation Cost Overruns Schedule Overruns Not Fit For Purpose High TCO Project Failure and Abandonment Critical Success Factor Behaviour Engineering A process and
a supporting notation To develop and refine a
deep, accurate and shared
understanding of needs between
all stakeholders Notation The Process Why the notation works? The representation allows us to localise complexity. We simply repeat a unit level operation that does not tax short term memory. 15476735386
+ 37932914987
+ 79109026544
+ 33987110011
+ 44488730928
------------------------- MMDCCLI
------------------ Notation supports repeated unit level operation

Localises Complexity Why the notation works? The notation preserves vocabulary and intent

It is human readable enabling validation

It is machine readable enabling analysis and transformation Formulate Integrate Validate Resolve Refine Translate one requirement (use case step, user story, ...) at a time into its corresponding Behaviour Tree (and Composition Tree)

Localises Complexity Formulate Integrate Metrics BT preserves vocabulary and intent

Can walkthrough scenarios depicted in trees with subject matter experts
Defects Detected - BT walkthrough : Defects Detected Review = 5:1 Validate Risk identification does not imply risk mitigation To mitigate risk, resolve issues in the model with stakeholders Risk Mitigation Represents shared vocabulary Shared
of behaviour ROI: BE Model-Based Requirements Development

> 1600% Many analysis and design artifacts are 'free' Additional ROI Support FMEA

Support development of system safety case and assessment of Technical Integrity Risk

Support development of a (literal) compliance picture and gap analysis

Support reliability analysis and calculation

Support Model-Based Testing Analysis (Current Uses) Behaviour Engineering and the RUP Thank You Dan Powell
+61 (0)404 922 177
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