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I. Show us an activity you enjoy doing. Tell us how you think it contributes to your personal and professional development

Bilal Hage

on 18 June 2013

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Transcript of "Basketball''

There are five positions in basketball: point guard, shooting guard, small forward, power forward, and center, but, the most important position is the point guard. The point guard is often thought of an extension of the coach on the floor, or floor general. So the point guard must have a close working relationship with the coaches and be very "coachable". He/she should know exactly what the coach expects of him/her, and what team strategies to use at a given time. You have to be very vocal to run the team and call the shots. If you are not vocal, you will be sitting the bench or worse, in the stands. As a former point guard I was able to communicate with my teammates both on and off the court. Learn to read the cuts your post players and wing players make. The team and I worked out some eye and hand signals so I can easily set plays. At times, players tend to lose their position, which results in poor spacing, so I need to direct them and get them to move and correct their spacing. In addition, I must be aware of the clock as well and get the offense ready and execute the play at the right time.
As point guard I was aware of the strengths of each member of the team and understood how best to motivate and bring out their best. I learned to be a coach on the court and lead by example. Part of my responsibilities is to read defenses, set up my own defense, and adapt. Point guards must be prepared, but also must make it happen and execute. Leaders and point guards can take over a game or situation and make a play. Spread the offense out and take the game winning shot. Steal the ball. Start a fast break. Get the crowd involved. Put the team on your shoulders if needed. Great point guards have excellent vision. They can see everything going-on around them. Similarly, great leaders also have great vision; they see what’s going on all around them and make adjustments on the run. While great point guards understand how a called play is supposed to work, they also recognize when they need to get a little creative.
Brotherhood means respecting your opponent as well as your team-mate. We used to battle each other on the court, as if our lives depend on it; but after the 40 minutes we go back being freinds and even go out for some drinks. We all played sport for the love of it: bonding with your opponents was part of the game.
Team discipline is one of the most important elements of structure and organization when setting up a team. It starts and ends with the head coach.
My Story started
Ever since I picked up a ball and played in the driveway I fell in love with the game of basketball. I played basketball all the time, summer, spring fall and yes even in the winter.I began playing team basketball during my junior high school years. Every day, after school, I would go down to any local basketball court and practice for uncountable hours. Even at home, the ball would not leave my hands for a second. I started playing street-ball and entered few competitions. My love for the game grew each year to the degree I used to practice every day and watch all movies, games, and great players related to this sport. In my senior years I played for Rawda High school, and at the same time, I had a shot to play Division I, in Beirut for the Riyadi Club and Division II, in Baabda for the Antonieh Club, and in 2003, during my service in the Lebanese armed forces, I played for the Adjutant (Staff officer) team 45, league 2003-2004, and we won the championship. With all this excitement, I was told that my talent stood out and I had the potential to be a good point guard in pro basketball. Now a days, with the same passion for the game, I am playing for the Company's team (M1Group) and competing in the Lebanese (Non-pro) league each year.
Basketball is like all team sports, it helps develop ....
Basketball is a sport where working as a team is an obligation. It is important for the whole team to work towards the same goal and this can only be done if everyone knows their role at the offense/defense and how what they do affects the overall teams functioning. . I learned a lot from playing team basketball specially how to work with others to achieve a common goal, and one thing I remember from my coaches, is that when we lose; we lose as a team and when we win; we win as a team. I learned how to focus on the game and share the ball with others. It also helped me realize my personal strength so I can effectively fulfill my role on the team. Basketball teaches you to trust your teammates on and off the court.
Communication is not just verbal; it can be pointing a finger to indicate direction or the nod of a head to indicate an intention or by just an eye contanct . Communication is whatever players develop between them to help each other achieve their purpose together – as a team. Like for instance
Here are some basic rules and disciplinary actions that have worked for me.
Commitment to the team and listening to the coach
Always be on time.
Show respect and credibility.
Unsportsmanlike behavior is never acceptable.
"While most are dreaming of success, winners wake-up and work hard to achieve it".
Competition is essential in basketball, where all players tend to develop their skill and endurance level. It provides individuals with the motivation they need to work hard and achieve their objectives. Competition challenges players to strive to be better.
Basketball teaches life skills

Basketball can enhance our competences such as mental and physical agility. Being prepared mentally and physically is essential in life as it is in basketball. Being a team player and unselfish in basketball is very important as it is in life. Be alert and aware of all what is going-on during a game, also train us that we must be conscious and aware in life and this sets the stage for achievement.
In basketball sometimes things don't work properly for all players, so things must be re-adjusted, as in life when we are presented with many challenges we must adjust ourselves to the situation.
Playing basketball is proven to resolve stressful or disturbing situations. When we are motivated to play a sport, we face our fear of failure and therefore, become better-off and able to face any problem in life knowing that if we only try our best; is enough.
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