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No description

Sammie Lang

on 13 February 2013

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Transcript of Trivia

Welcome To
Trivia For Champions Film Brands Categories Business What Does ROI Stand For? The 3 largest revenue
generating companies in the
world are from which industry? Who wrote the book
'How To Win Friends
& Influence People'? What was Sir Richard Branson's
first business venture
in the 1960's? 4 3 2 1 Music The Human Body Local Knowledge Sport General
Knowledge Geography Which city and
country is
statue located? 1 What is the national capital
city of Canada? 2 3 Which city hosts the annual San Fermin festival? Otherwise known as Running Of The Bulls 4 What is the world's longest river? 5 The Baht is the monetary unit of
which country? 1 Which two celebrities tried to trademark their baby's name?

And what was their
baby's name?

(3 points) 2 Finish this sentence:
Once you pop... 3 Which car manufacturer uses
a badge consisting of 4 interlocked circles? 4 In 1996 which brand overtook
Coca-Cola as being the most well
known brand name in the world? 5 When Colgate entered the
Spanish market what was Colgate translated into? a) Brush Your Teeth
b) Go Hang Yourself
c) Brush Yourself
d) Hang Your Teeth 1 What is the name of the largest
part of the human brain? 2 What is the coloured part of the
human eye that controls how
much light passes through the
pupil called? 3 What is the name of the substance that gives skin
and hair its pigment? 4 How many bones does the adult
body contain? 5 What is the human body's
largest organ? 1 2 3 4 5 What is the tallest building in Adelaide? What is Adelaide known for?

(3 points) Which popular food and wine festival
is hosted in McLaren Vale? Name South Australia's Peninsulas

(3 Points) In what year did the Adelaide
Central Market open? 1 How many NBA championships has
Michael Jordan won? 2 Who won the most recent soccer
World Cup? 3 What was Sir Donald Bradman's
batting average? 4 Who is Australia's only
Formula One driver? 5 1 How many squares are
on a chessboard? 2 Which computer language is
named after a coffee? 3 How many countries drive on the left hand side of the road? a) 12
b) 22
c) 32
d) 42 4 How many holes are in an old
telephone dialer? 5 Which country is the largest
producer of tin in the world? What three movements are required
for an athlete to successfully
complete a triple jump?

(3 points) 5 Which famous business person once said

'You only have to do a few things right in your life, so long as you don't do too many things wrong' ? 1 Which actor is the voice of Alex (the lion)
in Madagascar? 2 What is the family name of the characters featured in this clip? 3 Who is this actor and what is his
character name in the film Risky Business?
(2 points) 4 1 Name the 5 members of the Jackson 5
(5 points) 2 Which two artists have collaborated
on this song? 3 What is this artists real name? 4 Who sang the original version of this song? 5 In what year did this song hold the
number 1 position for 14
consecutive weeks? What year was the first version
of this movie released? 5 Name the characters from the 1995 movie
Toy Story

(12 points) Heads or Tails
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