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2nd Chance Prezi

Forensics Prezi

Nada M

on 14 April 2010

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Transcript of 2nd Chance Prezi

2nd Chance
By: James Patterson Openfire and one killed- Tasha Catchings. No one saw the gunman, vehicle with insignia seen by neighborhood resident. White powder found. Investigate insignia seen by witness. Find that Tasha Catchings' uncle is a cop. Estelle Champman found hanged. Insignia from last murder found on wall. White powder found. Estelle Chapman's husband was a Cop. Find that Chimera is a jail-hate gang, which is linked to both murders. Cop on duty murdered- Art Davidson. Shot in the right eye. Responding to a domestic violence complaint. Find white powder. Chimera had but a tap recording in a boom box and called in the complaint. Shot Davidson from the alleyway across the street. Homicide Unit was able to hear his 911 call. Chief Mercer- head of Homicide unit- was murdered outside of his home. White powder was found. Before he died at the hospital, Mercer said he had a face to face meeting with Chimera. Frank Coombs, an ex Cop, was found to be Chimera after investigating a case he was convicted in. Frank Coombs was sent to prison for murder while on duty. It is suspected that he is seeking revenge for being sent to prison. Began questioning Frank Coombs' family and friends- his son Rusty. City wide search for him. Frank Coombs contacted Lt. Lindsay Boxer. While leaving the Homicide building he was spotted and opened fire. Tried to kill Boxer, he was killed instead. Lt. Boxer goes to Pelican Bay to question the Chimera's leader. Is given a clue that the murderer was not Frank Coombs. Rusty Coombs' was investigated and was found to be the real killer. Lt. Boxer trails him to his college campus. Rusty Coombs begins to open fire on his college campus from a tower and kills several students. Lt. Boxer goes up to the tower, and Rusty is shot during a shoot out. He is getting revenge for all that happened to his father.
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