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Fun With French

A Senior Project by Mariah Jones.

Mariah Jones

on 15 May 2010

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Transcript of Fun With French

Fun With French Were you ever interested in other cultures, but never had the oppurtunity learn? For the last two weeks of March, I taught ten third and fourth graders at John B. Dey Elementary School about French and French Culture. They learned... numbers, letters, animals, colors, French recipes, and games. un deux trois quatre cinq six sept meet with my consultant, In preparation for my project, I had to... create handouts, and buy food. make lesson plans, Some difficulties I faced were... some hyperactivity, distractions, keeping them entertained and interested, time management, contacting Principal Capwell, setting up dates, creating the lesson plans, I chose this for my project because... I have been taking French since Kindergarten, I'm currently in AP French, and I am Vice President of the French Honor Society. Project/Paper Connection: Foreign Language Classes in Elementary School. make flyers, make powerpoints, What I learned... time management, future in teaching, easily distracted, Questions? and asking for help. There are 6912 spoken languages, yet only 9% of Americans can speak more than one language. The early acquisition of a foreign language has many important benefits: Cognitive Advantages
Standardized Tests
Learning Subsequent Languages
Increased Proficiency
Cultural Appreciation
Practical Benefits (college admission, job applications, etc.) Then, at the end, they had to make a presentation encompassing everything they had learned. We also had a party celebrating French Culture. Foreign Language Classes must begin in Elementary School. Hi, I'm Mariah Jones and I am a senior at First Colonial High School. And now, I'd like to show you what we did at Fun With French.
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