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St. Dymphna

Prezi on St. Dymphna

niamh cunningham

on 3 May 2013

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Transcript of St. Dymphna

By Niamh Cunningham St. Dymphna Short history Short bio. St. Dymphna There is no exact date of birth but she lived in the 7th century Ireland was ruled by chieftains and one high king. Dymphna and her mother were both Catholic, but Damon was pagan She died May 15th, which is also her feast day. Dymphna lived in Oriel, Ireland- modern day Louth Damon (Dymphna's father) was the chieftain of Oriel Following St. Patrick's conversion of the Irish, people flocked to Ireland to learn about the scriptures and to convert to Catholicism St. Dymphna chose Jesus for her divine spouse At age 14 Dymphna's mother died Bio continued Damon is said to be afflicted with a mental illness Damon sent out messengers to find a noble woman who he would marry. when no one could be found he decided to marry his own daughter Dymphna fled Ireland. Bio cont. Damon found them in Gheel, Belgium He had the priests head cut off When Dymphna would not return to Ireland with him he cut off her head Dymphna died age 15 and is buried in Gheel, Belgium St. Dymphna's love of God and others Dymphna chose Jesus for her divine Spouse She conscrated her virginity to Jesus and His Blessed mother. When an angel told Dymphna to leave Gheel she would not go because of Fr. Gerebern Why Dymphna was made a saint St. Dymphna was made a saint because of her spotless virtue and her martyrdom St. Dymphna's mission Her mission was to remain pure and to dedicate herself to God. Why I chose St. Dymphna I saw her holy card and i wanted to learn more about her. I felt sure St. Dymphna was the right saint for me She was so strong in her faith at such a young age Symbol Saint Dymphna's symbols are a lamp and a sword The sword represents fighting sin and defending the innocent The lamp represents lighting the way of faith Map of Belgium Gheel Map of Ireland Oriel/Louth Bibliography Mac Manus, Semas. “Chapter XXXVI.” The Story of the Irish Race: A Popular
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