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Graphic Design Senior Exit Project

No description

Taylor Sealock

on 29 November 2012

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Transcript of Graphic Design Senior Exit Project

Inception Schooling Schools Jobs Pros:
Get to use your own creativity
Have many opportunities for different jobs
Is a growing field Graphic design started in late 15,000-10,000 BC in the Lascaux Caves in Southern France.

Lascaux Caves hold the finest prehistoric art in the world.

These caves have primarily paintings of animals.

The Blau Monuments were the first artifacts containing words and pictures. They are inscribed stone from modern day Iraq. Combining images, words, and ideas to convey information or a message to a certain audience
Logos, websites, videos, business cards, posters, magazine or newspaper layouts, etc
Work with pencil, paper, and a computer Vocational Schooling
Associate's Degree
Bachelor's Degree In House
Freelance Artistic abilities with imaginations
Great communication skills
Solid computer skills
Have hand-made drawings
High school education

Working knowledge of software, image editing, and page layouts Skills What is Graphic Design? Advantages and Disadvantages Cons:
Have to please more people
Takes time to get your name out
May be doing "basic level" work the first year on the job High School requirements Taylor Sealock Animation
Computer Graphics
Digital Art/Media
Grafting and Designing Tech.
Industrial Design
Desktop Publishing
Web page/Multimedia Related Majors: Career Options for Graphic Design: Art director
Web Designer
Exhibit Designer
Advertising Agent
Package designer
Design Planner
Option of going overseas for design firms Annual Job openings:
28,000 per year Quick Facts Graphic Design Salary:
10% $36,243
25% $41,811
75% $54,795
90% $61,049 Graphic design is in the top 25 jobs young adults want. Graphic- means to have a clear picture This field is VERY competitive Pros & Cons: Graphic Design
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