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Mike Mo Capaldi

No description

Tyler Matuszko

on 24 September 2013

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Transcript of Mike Mo Capaldi

Mike Mo Capaldi
Professional Skateboarder

Mike Mo Capaldi, A professional skateboarder that lives in Simi Valley, California. He is very successful in his career with more than skateboarding ahead of him. He has many sponsorships and won the first Battle of The Berrics and placed in many contests.
Born March 27, 1990
From Simi Valley, California
Brother Vince, diagnosed with bone cancer in 2009
Attended Royal High School
Girl Skateboards
DC shoes
Matix Clothing
Spitfire Wheels
Founder of Glassy Sunglasses
Royal Trucks
Diamond Co.
Fillmore Clothing
Mob Griptape
Detail 3
Featured in Fuel T.V's New Pollution Segment
He also has a "Day in the Life" video that brought his name to the media.
Rising to Fame
Indoor Skate park(SkateLab) partnered with DC and created Mike Mo Day, held on February 9 2013. skate video, "Forecast", really presented his name to the world as Mike Mo. Also, the video "pretty Sweet", really showed Mo's skill when released.
Media Appearance
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