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Question 4

No description

Labucina Penyek

on 27 November 2014

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Transcript of Question 4

Question 4
Mary and John are both taking the quiz. They are sitting next to each other in the computer room. John asks Mary for help in answering one of the questions. He says, “What’s the difference if you tell me the answer, I look it up in the text, or I find out from the computer that my answer is wrong and retake the quiz? In any case, I’ll end up getting credit for the right answer”. Mary tells John the correct answer to the questions.
Discuss the morality of Mary’s decision.

Act Utilitarianism
-They refer to each other so will have a higher chance to get the correct answers.
-Saves time in answering the questions
-They can learn from each other by exchanging knowledge and experience.

Students in a history class are asked to take a quiz posted on the course website. The instructor has explained the following rules to the students: First, they are supposed to do their own work. Second, they are free to consult their lecture notes and the textbook while taking the quiz. Third, in order to get credit for the quiz, they must correctly answer at least 80% of the questions. If they do not get a score of 80 percent, they may retake the quiz as many times as they wish.
There are more benefits than harm therefore, by using Act Utilitarianism their action is considered morally right.
Act Utilitarianism
-They will become less independent.
-They disregard their lecturer’s orders, the lecturer will not know that they have helped each other.
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