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on 17 July 2013

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Transcript of FINESOURCE 2013

Wavecom no Mundo
Comunicações Unificadas | O que fazemos
> Instalação de Soluções de Comunicações Unificadas
> Manutenção e Suporte de Soluções de Comunicações Unificadas
Wavecom no Mundo
Comunicações Unificadas | O que fazemos
> Projeto de Soluções de Comunicações Unificadas “chave na mão”
> Projeto e implementação de Soluções de Voz Cloud Carrier Grade
Prémios obtidos
FScloud - Características
> Multi-domínio
> Funcionalidades de Telefonia
> Voice-mail, Gravação de Chamadas, IVR, Áudio Conferência
> Condições temporais, Lista de Contactos
> Fax Server – Email to fax & Fax to Email
> Call Center
All the existing Hosted IP-PBX solutions are designed for Tier 1 Operators.
Designed to be simple for Tier 2 and Tier 3 Operators:
The Platform is sold as a service (SaaS)
Is a turn key solution
A very low setup fee (dependent of the project could reach 20 times less than similar Tier1 solutions) and a per extension fee.
The competitors solution is designed to fulfill the needs of a Tier 1:
The CAPEX for these solutions is very expensive (approximately 20 times more than FSCloud).
Time to market: 18 months!
The main risk is related with the investment capability necessary in order to face the Global Market
This investment is divided in 2 years:
first year 400K€
second year 450K€.
2013 investments:
1Q 2013 – 200K€
3Q 2013 - 200K€

2014 investments:
1Q 2014 – 200K€
3Q 2014 - 250K€
Human Resources represent 575K€ in 2013 and 933K€ em 2014.
Copyright, Finesource 2012 - All rights reserved
Thank You!
Following the movement for cloud Services, we develop a low-cost and simple to manage Hosted-PBX telecommunications platform .
Allows a Telecommunication Operator to sell corporate voice PBX services without install a single hardware on the customer premises.
We have the product, we already have two clients, we want to sell it around the world!
Tier 2 and Tier 3 Operators scenario:
Market change – Want Hosted PBX solutions
Expensive in three ways!
The platform is expensive itself (CAPEX and OPEX)
Need a Engineering Team
Need a Installation Team
Cheaper then the competence (10 times less!)
Simplified Provisionig – Comercial view
Simplified Installation – Plug and play
Simplified Support and Maintenance - Plug an Play
Simple to manage, to maintain and very cost effective.
95% of the market is on premises today
Mass migration from PSTN to IP telephony systems solutions
In 2015 there will be 262 million subscribers of Hosted PBX solutions*
* From Infonetics Resarch, 2012. http://www.infonetics.com
10.000 Tier 2 and Tier 3 Operators in Europe, America;
It represents 30% of the all Voice corporate market;
3.100 Fixed Network Operators (almost all are T2 and T3);
360 millions extensions in corporate market.
Tier 1 solution providers: Sonus Networks, Metaswitch and Broadsoft are the big players.
The main markets for this year (2013) are Portugal and Spain and Brazil are the firsts markets to achieve, then we go to West Europe.
2014: Eastern Europe, South America and North America.
Looking for the Eastern Europe and North, South America we have about 1500 to 2500 potential operators.
Reaching our clients directly;

Indirect sales through local partners.
In Portugal we have about 3 potential clients operators, in Spain we have about 20 potential clients, in Brazil we have about 400 potential clients.
The exit of the founding VC capital should occur between the second and third years. This exit can be done in three ways:
1 - IPO (the one that pleases us the most);
2 - Acquisition, by the company, of the 25% for 3 times the invested value;
Total or partial sell of the company anytime the offer exceeds 5 times the invested capital in the first 3 years or 10 times of the amount invested in the first 5 years.
2013: Portugal and Spain and Brazil, then we go to West Europe
Around 1,3 billions dolars
Provisioning Team
Engineering Team
Installation Team
Support Team
1,8 billions dolars
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