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Jerome Robbins and Bob Fosse

No description

Haley Doran

on 3 December 2013

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Transcript of Jerome Robbins and Bob Fosse

Jerome Robbins and Bob Fosse
Robbins' Impact
Bob Fosse
Fosse had a very distinct style. His choreography originated from his own physical traits. His most famous and recognizable pose included the slouched back and turned in feet, which reflected his bad posture and flat feet.
Bob Fosse's Impact
Fosse's influence has made its way into many of today's pop culture music videos.
Jerome Robbins
Robbins believed that stories should be told through movement and dance. He also believed that dance should give an accurate interpretation about the group who is being portrayed.

Many choreographers and actors who admired his choreography are in awe of his work because of the fluidity he presented on stage. He was able to craft the movements to be coherent with the music
1. Have you noticed the Robbins or Fosse style in modern entertainment today?

2. Why do you think these choreographers' influences are prominent in today's culture?

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