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2013 AFPeeps in San Diego!

17 mini-sessions on different social media topics. To meet the peeps follow #afpeeps on Twitter!

Nathan Hand

on 11 April 2013

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Transcript of 2013 AFPeeps in San Diego!

Twitter Strategies Fast, Free and Finished -
Creating Great YouTube
Content With No Budget How to win a CAR!
(and other social media contests) Case Studies Social Media Policies Facebook Strategies Managing Social Media in
10 minutes a day Increasing 'Likes' & Followers Klout, Edgerank &
measuring influence Facebook Basics Content Management Why Social Media matters! The benefits of blogging Small & mid-sized orgs
ROCKING social media! Who runs it?
Responsibility of your
online presence Peeps Adding Social Media to your
EVENTS Nathan Hand, Barb Talisman & Paola Ferrer 250,000,000 Twitter Basics Leah Eustace, Scott Fortnum & Ligia Pena Alice Ferris & Jim Anderson Jim Anderson & Gail Perry Scott Fortnum Lisa C. Burns, CFRE & Dave Tinker, CFRE Jim Anderson & Kirk Laughlin Nathan Hand & Dave Tinker, CFRE Jim Anderson Scott Fortnum and Kirk Laughlin Alice Ferris & John Dawe John Dawe, Derek Bechthold Sandy Rees Nathan Hand “Your company’s Social media personality should be your company’s corporate personality after exactly one beer.”
-Ross McCammon, Esquire Use Pictures
Quotes from real people
Give people a peek behind the curtain
Encourage and reinforce when others tell your story
Periodically yell “Squirrel!”
Calls to action are like “the boy who cried wolf”
Be genuine (or a very convincing actor) Always Selling
Always talking to someone else
Always asking questions
Posting things that aren’t useful
Posting on other’s walls all the time
Tweeting a list of names
No room for RTs Howdy! > > Ligia Pena & Chris LeBrun Know your org strategy donor relations
event promotion
program development
advocacy Follow, Create and Engage persona
messaging Integrate your Twitter activity with your Web strategy Some of Ligia's faves:
@uniceflive Some of Chris' faves:
@llsusa @floridahospital Jim Anderson & John Dawe Jim Anderson Over-tagging New Followers Contest selection Influencer selection Should you even try? Script the language Similar fundraising rules apply Energy
Desperation kills all Fast
Finished Set up email notifications
Link Facebook & Twitter (maybe) Check mentions & interactions from notifications
Check searches, alerts, blog reader
Schedule content from your seraches and alerts This @yourname
Not this #hashtag
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