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No description

Elizabeth Beacham

on 1 October 2012

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Transcript of Menelaus

MENELAUS By: Elizabeth Beacham Menelaus was the king of Sparta. He was the son of Atreus and Aerope. He married Helen, daughter of Zeus. Together they had a daughter named Hermione. While Menelaus was away at a funeral, Helen runs off with Paris. When Menelaus finds out he and all of his allies attack Troy. Thus sparking the Trojan War. Background of Menelaus The story of Menelaus is the basis for The Iliad
During the Trojan war, Menelaus's weapon carrier was Eteoneus
He was the brother of Agamemnon
Menelaus is also featured in The Odessey
He was promised a place in Elysium after his death Quick Facts This is a bust of King Menelaus This is a drawn depiction of Menelaus in battle This is a drawn depiction of Menelaus wearing kingly attire In the movie, Oh Brother, Where Art Thou, Pappy O' Daniels, who pardons the Soggy Bottom Boys at the end, shares the first name with King Menelaus. This movie is a parallel to The Odessey
In the movie, Helen of Troy, Menelaus is portraid by Niall MacGinnis in a story of the Trojan War.
Menelaus is played by Patrick Magee in the movie The Trojan Woman, in a movie potrayal of the Trojan War.
Menelaus's daughter Hermione is mentioned in the Harry Potter movies and books Literary Allusions The Theorem of Menelaus is a mathematical theory dealing with triangles.
King Menelaus is portrayed by Brendan Gleeson in the movie Troy, a movie about the Trojan War.
Nando Tamberlani plays King Menelaus in the movie The Trojan Horse. Other Allusions This is a statue of King Menelaus in his later years.
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