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"Sicko" -Documentary film analysis

No description

Kat Kuhlmann

on 13 December 2012

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Transcript of "Sicko" -Documentary film analysis

Film Background Insurance companies banned employees from being interviewed in the documentary.
It has been nominated for 7 different film awards, won 8 film awards, and has gotten 4 2nd place film awards.
The highest-grossing documentary of all time. Overview SiCKO criticizes health care and HMOs in the United States which are profit-oriented. Moore compares the American system to free, universal medical care in Canada, the U.K., France, and even Cuba. To persuade Americans that US health care is flawed.
To prove that free, universal care, which exists in nearly every industrialized country, would be more efficient. Purpose SiCKO by Michael Moore Michael Francis Moore (“The Big Man”)
58 years old
Studied Journalism at the University of Michigan-Flint
Tried film-making and became one of the most controversial documentarians
Mainly attacks greedy corporations and corrupt politicians About The Director Argument and Assertions/Claims Health care is flawed and run for profit
18,000 Americans will die due to lack of insurance.
HMOs are required to keep up percentage of denials, using pre-existing conditions as justification.
Nixon tape
Congress, President Bush and Hillary Clinton payoffs.
Benefits in U.K. include $10 medication and free hospital visits.
U.S. is ranked 37 above El Salvador in infant mortality.
French health benefits include unlimited sick days Validity Majority of the facts are correct.
Resorts to speculation
Moore's negativity toward America turns Americans off.
Uses wide range of interviews
Use of social experiments
Cuban excursion and socialized health care is disputed. Attitude/Viewpoint and Tone Pro European and Cuban (socialized) healthcare
Degrades America and its health care system
Satirical, pessimistic, polemical, poignant. Cinematic Techniques Juxtaposition using classic film clips and music
Locations/surrounding of interviews
Extreme close-up on emotional interviewees
Quick zoom/flashes
Precise cuts and transitions between clips Structure
Fast-paced, tons of information and ideas short time period
Beginnning: statistics, negative experiences with American health care.
Middle: Private health care is run for profit. Health care providers are manipulative.
End: Positives of European, Canadian, and Cuban health care. Joliff's Rhetorical Framework America's flawed health care system Americans To promote free, universal health care.
Unveil corrupt politicians and greedy businesses. Statistics, health care professional opinions, historical sources Moore, Insurance agents, doctors, pharmacists.
Firsthand experience in a certain issue. Interviewees crying, personal accounts of patients, and cinematic techniques. Negative interviews with Americans.
Comparision to Canadian Health Care
Comparison to European health care
al-Queda health care on Guantanamo Bay
9/11 volunteers recieve free health care in Cuba Brief strong language Rhetorical questions.
Additional commentary Vintage clips Sparse figurative language,
compares Castro to Lucifer Satirical, polemical, pessimistic Pay attention:
Juxtapostition of clips
Quick flash of statitistics
Criticism of Congress and Hillary Pay attention to:
Juxtapostition of clips
Quick flash of statistics
Criticism of Congress and Hillary
Satirization of Socialism
Karl Marx statue
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