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Tuck everlasting

No description

sarah durham

on 30 September 2016

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Transcript of Tuck everlasting

Falling Action
The constable takes Winnie home to her family .
Mae went to the jail .
Jesses plan to save Mae from the gallows .
Winnie replaces Mae with herself in the jail .

I like both the movie and book . I do believe that the book was much better written. The book was better because the author used more details and it made me feel like I was there in the book. In the movie I feel that there was not enough details .
Rising Action
Winnie is kidnapped by the Tucks.
Tuck Everlasting the Book
Tuck smiles in his sleep when dreaming of heaven.
Peaceful bovine picnics
They stop for a drink.
Only the constable and the man went looking
exposition : The exposition is the beginning of the story.
Rising action : The rising action is when the story takes turns and twists leading to the climax.
Mae knocks the man in the yellow suit out with the gun barell .

The climax is the turning point in the story .
Falling Action
This is the part of the story after the Climax ,and after the problem has been resolved .
Winnie's grandma thinks the music box is elves .
Rising Action
The Resolution is the ending of the book .
The Resolution is when Jesse goes into the wood to find that Winnie is dead and that she married someone else .
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