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Toolkit for the classroom

Top 10

Samantha Fountain

on 18 February 2013

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Transcript of Toolkit for the classroom

Top 10 Tools iPad Apps FREE Teacher Kit: Helps keep organization of your class(es)
Peek: Great to help students study with virtual flashcards
Flashcardlet: Another app for students to make flashcards on the computer and ipad/iphone/ipod
Articulation!: Helps with phonemes and other helpful tools for readers
Educreations: Create a fun and interactive "powerpoint" type of slideshow iPad iPad: Great technology tool to use in
the classroom for the teacher and the students iPad Apps $$$ Doceri: Allows the teacher to use the iPad to control their laptop/computer onto the screen/whiteboard (App is FREE but the app for the laptop costs $ after the trial.)
Read2go: Allows students to read at their own pace and have it read to them.(App costs money but all the books are free) Laptop Laptop: Has many uses in the classroom but it is essential for lesson planning and organization. It also comes in handy for the app Doceri. Edmodo.com Edmodo.com: Allows the teacher to create a interactive classroom for his or her students for assignments and forums. It can also be an app that will send the student/teacher notifications. Dropbox.com Dropbox.com: Allows the teacher to provide documents for the students to download as well as allowing the students to upload their documents/assignments. Highlighters Highlighters: Have an array of uses, but it is a great tool to use for studying. It is important to have students highlight terms, dates, and people so they can quickly locate it later on. Popsicle Sticks w/ student names Popsicle Sticks w/student names: Are a great tool to use to call on students. It allows the teacher to call at random but it also forces the students to be ready with an answer. Daily Schedule Daily Schedule: Gives ALL students an idea of what is on the agenda for each day. It also forces the teacher to be organized and to have stuff planned ahead of time. High/Low Reading Book Case High/low Reading Bookcase: Allows the students access to books that are for their interest and reading level. Every class should have a large selection and area designated for reading.
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