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Final Project

No description

Ms. Orozco

on 20 May 2014

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Transcript of Final Project

Whose shoes????
Putting yourself in someone (or something) else' s shoes. During this project you will be working in third person. You will be somebody or something else and be assuming that perspective.
Title, Attention Grabber, Introduction
School in the clouds?
When will your project take place. From a past historical time like the holocaust, civil war, or a future setting like Earth in 2050? And where will it unfold- like in a concentration camp, on a slave freedom trail, or in a futuristic school in the sky.
Setting- Past, Present or Future
Fish Movie
As you work on your final project think of other things you could make that would "add to" your work.
Animotos or Go Animates can add another dimension to your project. Try making your own imovie or explore options in Pages on the mac side you can make posters, newsletters, brochures etc.
Add Ons
Save the coral reefs!!
What will your story be about? What exactly is going to happen, How will it start and how will it end.
Will it teach a lesson or moral like a fable... Will it be a mystery that gets solved. Will it have an emotional theme like Happiness or Grief? Will it make a plea or support a cause like freedom or ocean conservation...
Plot and Theme
Final Project
Class Period and Your Name
Charecters- Who or what will be in your story
Your story can be many different things...
Will they survive?
It can be a mystery, a science fiction or fantasy. It can be historical fiction or comedy. Your story is what you make it, so be creative. You can make up the characters or use ones that already exist.
Success Key!
Your Final Project
After you do as many add ons as possible your project will truly be a :) whole package. Someone viewing it may see 5 or more things.
You may have-
Power Points
Go Animates
Microsoft Words Docs
Pages newsletters, brochures, posters
Collages, poems, songs Etc.....
The KEY is to stay PRODUCTIVE!!!
Stay on task each and every day please!!!!!!!!

You can assume the role or someone else or something else, but you can not be YOURSELF! You can be a slave on a freedom trail who is a 10 year old boy. You can be a fish living in the coral reef of Australia. You can be inanimate like a phone or a chair.. You must tell the story from another perspective.
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