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kello kintz

on 12 May 2014

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Transcript of Skype

Experiential Learning
Take Virtual Field Trips
Pen Pals
Topic Experts
Experiential Learning
How to Use Skype in Your Classroom
Kelli A. Kintz
Providing New Experiences
Cultural Exchange
Remote Learning
Using Technology in the Modern World
It’s no secret that Skype allows people to communicate with each other all over the world, both visually and verbally. But, did you know it can also be a vital instructional tool in the classroom? Let’s take a closer look as to how Skype can be used effectively in the classroom.
Using Skype, students can visit any place in the world, without ever leaving the safety of the classroom. Underprivileged students can now experience the wonders of the Eifel Tower, the bottom of the ocean floor, or the top of Mt. Everest. Also, these rich experiences would not only add beautiful visuals to your instructional lessons, but would also create meaningful lessons that students could experience firsthand. Thus, students would be excited and engaged throughout the lesson. Learning would become not only fun, but it would also be more meaningful to all students.
Import experts on any topic. If you are teaching a science lesson about energy, you can Skype with an expert who can add important information to your students. Your students can ask questions to the expert, thus gaining more knowledge on the topic. You can even have students conduct interviews with these expert. The possibilities are truly endless!
Also, schools can now reach out to national education experts whose travel would typically blow out your budget or set up inter-district conferences to compare notes with schools and districts who have found success facing similar challenges.

Allow and encourage your students to communicate with different types of people across the globe. Students are able to discuss their cultures, their traditions/customs, and experiences face to face. Not only can students talk with other students with different backgrounds, they can also learn different languages. Prior to Skype, students would sit in their classrooms and read about China from a text book, they might even be showed a visual or two. Now, students can actually be brought to China via technology, talk with a Chinese person/student, and get familiar with the Chinese language and customs. Again, this would make learning more meaningful to students by enhancing the experiences they would not otherwise receive.
Using Skype, students would never have to miss an important lesson ever again! Sick students can now set up a Skype session with their teacher and never miss a lesson or fall behind their classmates. Skype would allow students to still receive instruction without stepping foot in a classroom.

Also, schedule Skype conferences with parents whose work or commute interfere with them making the meeting. You can also make a call home more effective by speaking with the student and parent(s) together. It's a great way to demonstrate your mastery of technology in the classroom!

No longer just pen and paper communication, you can Skype with partner classrooms across the country or across the world. This is a great way to keep students engaged and motivated during your writing instruction.
New Ways to Communicate
50 Ways to use Skype in the Classroom
Check out this wonderful website:
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