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Presentations & Research

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Ms. Costello

on 5 November 2013

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Transcript of Presentations & Research

Presentations & Research
Research on any TWO drugs of your choice
Create a Group Presentation on an Assigned Drug
Present to the Class
Reliable Sources
Must Contain the following:
Page 1 Cover Page
*Title *Period *Name of Drug
*Student Names
Slang, Street, and Brand Names of the Drug
*Where does the drug come from: Grown/Man Made?
*List all of the various names or brands.
*How is it manufactured or grown?
Short Term Effects (Acute)
*They only last a few hours or days.
*List all the effects you found
*1 paragraph to briefly describe the effects
Long Term Effects (Chronic)
*Lasting weeks or years.
*Health related problems and disease.
*List effects and include 1 paragraph describing them.
History of the Drug
*Go into all the details
Legal Consequences/Other Consequences
*See Schedule to look up penalties and fines
*What is the difference in penalties trafficking/possession?
*Differences by the number of offense
*In paragraph form describe how this drug might impact School,
Career, Extra-curricular, and Family Life.
Consequences of Addiction (Addiction Cycle)
*Define, describe, and discuss the addiction cycle of a drug.
*Define and include the terms: Tolerance, Withdrawal, and
Dependence in relationship to the drug of choice
<a href='http://www.rcampus.com/rubricshowc.cfm?code=KB5A25&sp=yes'>Rubric: Drugs Presentation</a>
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