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Madelyn Berzon

on 24 March 2015

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Transcript of Benin


Reasons Why Benin is Poor
How can Benin Help Themselves?
Standard of Living
an economic measure relating to the quality and amount of goods
Abigail N. and Madelyn B.
Benin's Poor Standard of Living

How can you measure standard of living?

Per Capita GDP
Amount of modern technology
Health Care
Working Conditions
Jobs Available
What are some factors that can influence standard of living?
1. Resources
2. Government
3. Economic System
4. Culture
5. Climate
6. Physical Features
7. History
8. Population
Facts About Kiva
- Benin's GDP is $1,700 compared to the United States GDP which is $50,700

-Only 4.6% of Benin's GDP goes to health care

-46% of the work force is child labor

-The average school life expectancy is only 11 years
The average literacy rate for Benin is 42.2%
Men = 55.2%
Women = 3o.3%
Kiva Recipient-
Ayitcheme 4 Group
-There was an exploit in government from dictatorship to democracy

-The absence of natural resources can not provide enough supplies for people in Benin to thrive

-Benin has a population of over 10 million. There is no where near enough room for all of these people

-Literacy rates are very low, meaning that most of the population is uneducated
Ayitcheme 4 Group
-This group would like money to expand their micro-enterprise

- The group representative is Charlotte, (as seen in the previous picture) and she can repay the loan in 10 months

-Ayitcheme has applied for their second loan and they are asking for $2,375

- Ayitcheme 4 sells maize and charcoal to locals

-The loan will be helping the 15 different families that also run the group with Charlotte

-This positively impacts the standard of living by providing the community with a healthy food choice and a charcoal source that fits the demand

-Kiva is a company that gives loans to people in developing countries that need money, whether it's for starting a business, helping the family, or even saving lives.

- There are 1,149,230 Kiva lenders and Kiva has a 98.93% repayment rate for the loans.

- Since Kiva started in 2005, they have given $549, 359, 550 in loans to people in the 76 countries with which they work.

- There are over 400 volunteers around the world and 243 field partners.

In order to increase amounts of trade with other countries and bring in more money, Benin must increase their specialization. Benin only makes 1.108 billion dollars every year and they only export 6 main products. The only way to increase specialization is to educate the uneducated population in certain crafts. A way to increase education/literacy rates is to have all of the educated people start teaching the uneducated people. The educated people can start teaching on the weekends and in the evenings, to prevent loss of productivity in their day jobs. Among the topics they can teach are, basic math skills, sewing, craftsmanship, geography, and how to read and write.
This is Charlotte. She is 43 years old and married to a photographer named Jamick. Together, they have 3 children who attend school.Charlotte has been running the Ayitcheme 4 business for 8 years.
Why You Should Choose Our Kiva Recipient to Sponsor
Sponsoring Ayitcheme 4 will directly support 15 families by increasing the profit of the micro-enterprise. The sponsorship will also allow Ayitcheme 4 to increase their charcoal and maize supply for the local population. Charcoal is in high demand and provides a much needed fuel source. Maize provides a healthy food choice that is rich in vitamins, calcium, and iron. They can work together to work towards an economic recovery and give the country a new vigor. Sponsoring Ayitcheme 4 will not only help those initial 15 people, but it will be helping all of Benin.
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