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the roaring 20s

No description

Tayler Corby

on 8 March 2012

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Transcript of the roaring 20s

The Roaring 20s Sayings from the 20s Ritzy- elegant Sap- a fool Big Cheese- big shot Flapper- stylish young woman with short skirt and shorter hair. Jalopy-old car Baloney- nonsense! Trendy Fashions the first soloist from New Orleans. (trumpet player) guitarist that played with violinist Joe Venuti Pez dispenser Questions Who created the Bureau of Budget? Warren G. Harding What did big cheese mean in the 1920s? big shot Big shot What was a toy that came out during the decade? the yo-yo How long was Calvin Coolidge president? 1923-1929 What was the popular hair style for women? short hair cut Events The Great Depression when the economy was in a slump. it lasted from 1929 to 1939. the stock market crash in October lead up to the depression. 19th amendment was passed gave women the right to vote. was passed on August 26, 1920 the 18th amendment went into affect was the Prohibition. Banned the use of alcohol. People still would drink alcohol. Moonshine became popular Trendy Fashions Flapper Dresses Short hair styles Mink wraps and shalls Nifty Fads yo-yo's One of New Orleans greatest composers of jazz. Jelly Roll Morton Famous groups/ singers Louis Armstrong the first soloist from New Orleans. (trumpet player) guitarist that played with violinist Joe Venuti Eddie Lang small shanty towns where called after him. He had to make the decision if America should enter World War 1. Bonus March was a political damage to his presidency. Ran with the slogan "He kept us out of war!" Herbert Hoover He signed the Immigration Act of 1924 He did not agree with America entering the League of Nations. 1929-1933 Calvin Coolidge Seen as one of the worst presidents. lowered the national debt by $5.4 billion during his whole presidency. 1923-1929 Warren G. Harding Fought for the League of Nations 98% of the U.S. did not pay income taxes in the year 1927 1921-1923 U.S. Presidents Passed the Underwood Tariff. Which reduced the tariff rates from 41% to 27% He created the Bureau of Budget. 1913-1921 Woodrow Wilson the yo-yo short hair style Warren G. Harding big shot from 1923-1929 Events The Great Depression The 18th amendment The 19th amendment Women got the right to vote Was passed om August 26, 1920 Banned the use of alcohol Moonshine became popular Went into affect on January 16, 1920 Lasted from 1929 to 1939 The Stock Market crash in October of 1929 is what led up to it Most of the World was in an economic slump. Interesting Trivia the pb&j sandwich became popular Dance marathons were the thing to do. NBC and CBS aired for the first time. It would take 13 days to get to California From New York Short hair styles yo-yo's Lipstick Reese's peanut butter chocolate bar Pez dispenser guitarist that played with violinist Joe Venuti
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