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Purple Cow Business Ideas

SEO Business Ideas

war fire

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Purple Cow Business Ideas

Business Ideas Marketing Ideas Domain name registration with HTTP compression
Brochures Purple Cow In 2009 Search Engine Google announces that speed is a ranking factor

We do provide details on how to implement HTTP compression

In the interest of keeping our information secret, we can offer domain name registration and HTTP compression as a product
Send informational brochures to potential clients that may be interested in new products or services Reputation Management We will have to investigate reputation management products and tools available Video Training This would be on our product secrets as we will be selling this information Email rankings We could potentially identify certain clients and do a small ranking report to indicate the SEO short comings Press release optimization Investigate the best way to do this and then sell it as a product Online community forum Community Building Online of Online Industry (Search & Media)

The Online Community can feature best practices, strategies, research, and events for Online Media and Social Media professionals. (To cultivate social bonds and interest groups and promote Purple Cow as an authority in the industry above all other competitors and community builders.)
Smaller SEO and PPC products At the moment our SEO and PPC products are quite expensive

Perhaps we can reduce our price (relative to the service) and consider smaller businesses too Clothing, Key ring, Calendar - Marketing logo Promote Corporate Identity with Corporate Gifts and Promotional Items mugs, pens, diaries, calendars, mouse mats, clocks, rulers, scale rules, leather goods, crystal and glassware, keyrings, coasters, bags, umbrellas, caps, stress balls and many more. Social responsibility Promote our brand by being socially visible Best Practice Presentation as a product Selling the creation of presentations as a product Funny Videos - SEO Bloopers SEO cartoons Affiliate program White Papers publication Create online research tools Branding purposes - could tie into other marketing ideas Offer Training programs - Google Analytics & Adwords Defining Products in terms of SEO and development Mobile Site Optimisation Branding purposes and could assit with link building One of the most effective ways to generate more business - Post Affiliate Pro 4 To make us an authority - Branding The most important aspect of SEO is the ability to stay ahead of competitors but more important is a clear understanding of why you increased ranking results and being able to put solid assessments behind collected competitive data. With that said, our compilation of the best free competitor focuses on all aspects of your competitors and allows you to understand the competitive landscape to help you succeed. Return on their investment in professional consulting services and support for Google Analytics.

Whether an individual, small business, agency or web development shop, or an in-house team within a large Enterprise, Purple Cow has training solutions that will deepen your knowledge and rapidly decrease time-to-readiness for Google Analytics implementation, reporting interface and analysis, search engine optimization, sponsored search marketing, and website multivariate testing and optimization.
Current price for SEO is X

We could offer SEO for website redevelopment as X

We could thus offer SEO on current websites (without redevelopment) as X + Y

This will hopefully encourage clients to select the redevelopment option thus generating more business (potentially) To sell mobile website optimisation as a product Marketing Ideas Business Ideas Communications
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