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polar biome

No description

Zac Duncalf

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of polar biome

The polar biome It is treeless and usually the low is 20 below zero and the high is 50 degrees. There are two seasons, summer and winter. The climate of the polar biome is cold and dry. There is very little rain. Two types of severe weather are floods and blizzards. Here are 5 animals. The Artic fox eats meat. The Caribu eats plants. The Snowy owl eats rodents. The Mush ox eat plants. The Polar bear eats meat. Here are some facts about plants. Their colors are green and brown. Their sizes are small. You can find tundras in Canada and Antartica. Here is an interesting fact. The Tundra covers about one fifth of the Earth's land.
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