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Egypt My School Project.

No description

Nancy Patel

on 11 September 2013

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Transcript of Egypt My School Project.

Pictures/ Facts and Video

Facts About Egypt
Egypt is also known as the Arab Republic of Egypt.
Egypt is in northern Africa. The Mediterranean Sea forms one of its borders. The Red Sea, Libya and Sudan are on other borders.
More Pictures
What Kind of celebrations dose Egypt celebrate?


Image Of Pyramids

A Video of Egyptian mummies.
In 2012, the population of Egypt was just over 83million {83,688,164}.
Mount Catherine is the highest mountain in Egypt ,standing 2,629m high {8625}.
The Capital City of Egypt is Cairo which also has the largest population.
Egypt is a very dry country.The desert Sahara and Libyan take up most of the area in Egypt.
Egypt experiences alto of natural hazards such as droughts,earthquakes.
Nancy Patel
Where Is Egypt
What Kind Of Clothes Do Egyptians Wear?
People in Egypt where traditional dress's of long flowing robes or in western style clothes ,including jeans and sneakers.
January 7 Christmas Celebrates the nativity of Jesus Christ, according to the Coptic Calendar (29 Koiak)
January 25

National January 25th Revolution [1]

Egyptian Revolution Day Celebrates the day of the beginning of the Egyptian revolution
April 25 Sinai Liberation Day Celebrates the final withdrawal of all Israeli military forces from the Sinai Peninsula in 1982.

July 23 Revolution Day Celebrates the Egyptian Revolution of 1952
What Is The Currency In Egypt?
The Currency in Egypt is Egyptian pounds is the currency in Egypt.
Why are Mummies so special in Ancient Egypt?

The best way the ancient Egyptians knew how to preserve a body was to mummify it. The poor placed the bodies of their dead relatives out in the sun, in the desert sand. The bodies mummified naturally.

Anyone who could afford it went to a professional mummy maker. People wanted to look their best in their afterlife
The Flag oF Egypt
The White Represents Peace and Honesty.

The Red Represents Hardiness, bravery, strength, and valor.
The Black Represents Determination.
What is a Phoenix ?
A Phoenix is a mythological years sacred bird that has been adored for thousands of as a symbol of various beliefs and principles such as good luck, immortality and prosperity. The phoenix and similar birds are found in various cultures around the world, including Egypt, Greece, Rome, China and India.
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