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Nike Flyknit

No description

Claire Fischer

on 21 April 2014

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Transcript of Nike Flyknit

Nike Flyknit
Communication Objective
Out of Home Ad
Print Ad
Radio Ad
Thread Lightly
Claire Fischer
Molly Henderson
Olivia King
Amanda Linford
Industry Trends
Target Audience
Key Insights
"Points of Differentiation"
Creative Brief
Promotional Event
We want to communicate to consumers that the Nike Flyknit line
maximizes athletic performance
because the shoes are specifically engineered to be
. The customer should know that the shoes are
and come in a variety of color schemes. We want customers to see that the Nike Flyknit line offers the most lightweight, comfortable, functional, and
athletic shoes on the market. The Nike Flyknit line includes shoes for
soccer, basketball, and running

The athletic shoe is a mature market, boasting numerous competitors and sales at an all-time high with
exercise becoming a cultural trend
. According to Running USA's 2013 National Runner Survey, the top purchased running shoes are ASICS, Brooks, Nike, Saucony, Mizuno and New Balance. As consumers in this market can be
sensitive to ever-changing fashion trends
, it is important to frequently redesign and reengineer shoes to stay competitive and relevant. Nike has done this with the Flyknit technology. However,
also have their own lines of ultra-lightweight shoes with very similar woven engineering, making them Nike’s biggest competitors in this
niche market
This campaign will target trendy
males and females
between the ages of
who live an athletic lifestyle. As the shoes are in the upper price range of the market, the target audience will have access to
disposable income
to spend on athletic shoes. The target will appreciate the innovative engineering of the shoe that
maximizes athletic functionality
The target lives an
athletic lifestyle
and needs a shoe that can support that lifestyle. They are
concerned with support and durability
, but also value a lightweight shoe that is comfortable in all situations. These shoes are available in bright colors and are customizable making them perfect for people who
like to make a statement
with their shoes. The target knows the feeling of pushing themselves beyond their physical limits. They are
constantly looking
for the next best piece of athletic wear to help them improve while also remaining up to date with popular styles and trends.
Rather than having multiple parts on the upper of the shoe, like most tennis shoes, the
Flyknit technology weaves threads together
to create a
single upper
that contours to your foot. This technology
eliminates excess weight
so the consumer can have a better running experience. Being able to construct a
lightweight shoe is something many athletes value.
Many shoes from the Flyknit line are available in a
variety of color schemes and
the Lunar2 running
shoe is customizable

David Beckham
will host
at the Staples Center in Los Angeles for a
nationwide television advertisement
for Nike Flyknit shoes. As Flyknit shoes are innovatively woven together with threads, candidates will be asked to demonstrate how they
“thread lightly”
by showing their unique or impressive athletic skills to Beckham and a panel of judges. Nike will be
the event as well as updating its Facebook and Instagram pages with highlights from the day. Nike also encourages people to post videos of their athletic abilities on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Vine and Facebook using
. Ten videos will be selected by Nike to appear on its website during the month of May, and one lucky contestant will be selected to
win a pair of Nike Flyknits
Main Idea
"Nike Flyknit is a line of lightweight athletic shoes that helps users push their limits by using minimal materials to maximize performance."
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