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My Heritage

Immigration to Canada

Joshua Narciso

on 12 November 2012

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Transcript of My Heritage

My Heritage My father, Raymond Narciso was the first to immigrate to Canada from the Philipines by plane, when he was 21 years old in September 8, 1993. His job was a bank travelling teller in the Philipines. He wanted to immigrate for better job opportunities because the country he lived in was a third world country and it was a very hard lifestyle. But before my father immigrated to Canada he first immigrated to New York where he worked as a salesclerk. He immigrated there for the same reason, opportunities. He did not have any contact there so he lived there by himself. While my father was immigrating to Canada, he left some family members back at Batangas Philippines. He left his brothers, his sister, and his grandfather and he says that he regrets doing that. He felt very sad having to leave family members back home, but he also felt excited to come and see what Canada has. My father is very glad he choose to live here in Canada. He doesn’t regret it because there was a lot of opportunities and the lifestyle here is way easier than it is in the Philippines. This is why I am here today. This is my Heritage. By: Joshua Narciso My Heritage After spending some few years in New York his Aunt sponsored him to immigrate to Canada. He felt very excited when he heard this, so he accepted her request. One reason why he wanted to immigrate to Canada was because his aunt told him she was going to help him find a better job. Another reason is that he wanted to compare the lifestyle in the Philippines and the lifestyle here in Canada. When my father immigrated to Canada he lived with his aunt in Mississauga, Ontario. After living with his aunt and working at a Pharmacy in Rexall Pharma plus, he bought his own house. Then a few years later he opened his own cleaning business. He choose to live in Canada because he heard from other people that there is a better lifestyle there and a lot of opportunities. He also heard that a lot of Filipino people were emigrating from the Philippines to Canada and he was very curious about that so he wanted to check what Canada has. Thank you for listening to my presentation! :D Thank you for listening to my Presentation! :D
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