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Un/Doing Masculinity - Reimagining Manhood Summitt

Oberlin College

The Bois

on 7 October 2018

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Transcript of Un/Doing Masculinity - Reimagining Manhood Summitt

Un/Doing Masculinity
Breaking Down the Boi
Breaking Down the Boi
what does it look like?
it means culturally addressing the widespread casualness of rape culture.
it means turning this into a conversation that involves masculine of center people, families, children, community leaders.
this is about understanding that safe and protected bodies of women and girls mean better, more equitable communities--literally.
meet the bois + know our work

bklyn boihood is a collective that champions healthy masculinity, intersectionality of identities and anti-misogyny for bois* of color all over the world.

Being accountable in actions and an acknowledgment of what
masculine privilege

Ensuring we don't disrespect or undermine femininity and femme-identity.
Examining the roles we choose to play.
Actively not being pressured by the
problematic constructs of masculinity.

Self-defined and exudes confidence.
Accepting and respectful of each others identity without forcing bois to act in ways that are familiar, stereotypical and/or "normal".
taking time to ourselves to relax and enjoy the things we like to do.
using community resources to take care of our physical and mental being.
checking in with each other (communicating comfortably about anything from a rash on your foot to questions about sex.)
trying to practice consistent self-care, physically, mentally, emotionally (SO CRITICAL!), and socially.
Follow us @bklynboihood
that would be

safe spaces.


characteristics of masculinity that are most problematic are sometimes wrongly valued as the highest/most powerful: aggressiveness, sexualization, possession.
misogyny and
toward women, femme identified folks.femmephobia.
sometimes we are the perpetuators of misogyny, in an effort to embody the most extreme and damaging forms of masculinity.and that has to stop.
bois have a unique perspective
part of masculine privilege is the space it has to perform, however it wants to, in almost any space without being checked.

as bois of color who carry masculinity as a part of our core identity its our job to use the space we have to be as verbal and vocal about in
it is one of bklyn boihood's goals to challenge and redefine those embodiments of masculinity
We can never do enough, learn enough, or understand enough.
There is never a point at which you have arrived.
We understand that relationships + identity require the same type of care
What happens to our relationships and community when we start un/doing masculinity as we currently understand it?

What allyship looks like from us and for us
When we talk about the need to un/do masculinity in our lives, we rarely talk about how and what concrete ways we receive and give love--including sex.
Sex, love, & intimacy are critical areas of self-care.
So often “Self-care” is bastardized and narrowed into these sometimes manipulative spaces.
How do we create a space for these conversations and needs to get addressed?

Breaking Down the Boi
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