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No description

caitlin miller

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of Microsoft


CORPORATION Caitlin Miller
Nicole Chickey
Katie Dzumia
Sara Vengrove FACTS Founded in 1975 Headquartered in
Redmond, Washington CEO: Steve Ballmer
Chairman: Bill Gates 2009: $14.5 Billion Revenue Subsidiaries in
150 countries 5 Businesses:
~ Client
~ Server & tools
~ Online services business
~ Microsoft division business
~ Entertainment and devices divison LEADERSHIP STYLE CODE OF ETHICS RESOURCES SWOT ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE & DEPARTMENTALIZATION ORGANIZATIONAL DESIGN & AUTHORITY STRUCTURE DIVERSITY QUALITY CONTROL SYSTEMS & PROCESSES HISTORY At Microsoft, we work to help people and businesses throughout the world realize their full potential. This is our mission. Everything we do reflects this mission and the values that make it possible. MISSION Integrity & honesty

Passion for customers, partners, and technology
Openness & respectfulness

Taking on big challenges & seeing them through

Constructive self-criticism, self-improvement & personal excellence

Accountability to customers, shareholders, partners, & employees for commitments, results, and quality VALUES Rise of companies stock
has made 4 billionaires &
an estimated 12,000 millionaires
from Microsoft employees Most profitable products:
~Windows Operating System
~Microsoft Office Suite 2009: 3rd largest
company in the
world behind
PetroChina &
ExxonMobil MOTIVATION STRATEGY Attractive Benefits:
health-care coverage
maternity & parental leave
adoption assistance
grocery service
dry cleaning & laundry service
weight management program Compensation:
Pay-for-performance approach
stock awards, bonuses, service awards
flexible hours & opportunity to work from home
Learn & Grow
Pursue special interests

~employs people from more than
135 countries and regions

~sees diversity as a long-term strategy

~talent, customers, & innovation are 3 keys to diversity “Microsoft strives to understand, value, and incorporate the differences each employee brings to the company so that it can build the greatest multicultural workplace in the technology industry and reflect the growing diversity and inclusion of our communities and the global marketplace” Organizational Structure:
Board of Directors
Senior Executives
Senior Leaders
Steve Ballmer, CEO/President Bill Gates, Chairman ~run by a Board of Directors
~members are elected every year at the annual shareholder’s meeting
~role of the board is to establish and promote Microsoft’s business & organizational objectives

~subdivided into five committees:
Audit Committee
Compensation Committee
Finance Committee
Governance & Nominating Committee
Antitrust Compliance Committee
~ Set of guidelines for acceptable behaviors
~ “Unauthorized copying, distribution & use of
computer software is illegal, unethical, and
against the principles of our company”. Employees: 93,000 in over 100 countries
53 in US, 8 in Heartland (Ohio area)
Equipment: Anitspam, Anit-Phishing, Family Safety & Parental Control & Windows Live OneCare

Rapid product development that lets Microsoft release new products & have timely updates
Windows 95, 98, 2000 series, & Windows NT are globally known as the PC desktop operating system with a market share of approx 88%
World’s largest software company that has global name recognition Popularity and/or growth of the internet between 1990-1995
Deadlines & lots of product launches = employee burnout
Microsoft’s reputation has suffered because of entanglement in antitrust & “permatemps” Vizcaino Litigation
Cheaper global telecommunication costs open new markets as people connect to the Internet
Alliance with mobile phone companies
Popular among people with Internet access Apple & Linux
All of the hand-held computers, mobile phones, and personal computers do not need Windows operating system
Technology life cycle is shorter and shorter Bill Gates and CEO Steve Ballmer
-Microsoft Planning Strategy

Bill Gates -Incorporated coercive power and reward power -Encourages a democratic leadership style
-Situational leadership model

“-leadership requires a heavy degree of personalization and ability to adapt to new conditions”
-Focus on long term
-Adapt to different markets

Xbox 360
-Three Goals
-Target audiences
~Hard-core male gamers
~Women who live with male gamers
*Incorporated multimedia features
*Music, video clips, photos…
Windows Mobile 6.5
-Email, instant messages,
SMS, voice mail, calendar, contacts
-Target audiences
~Business people
~Male and female entrepreneurs -
ages ranging from 25-50 years old Microsoft Office Home and Student
-Target audience
~Home computer users and students
~Professional documents, spread
sheets and presentations Microsoft Solutions Framework (MSF)
- Team members share responsibilities, common
vision, focues on developing the project
- Recognizes a mutual set of functional areas
~Example: Role & Goal
-Product management: Satisfy customers
> Functional area: business value
marketing, customer advocacy,
product planning
- Responsibilities: act as a
customer advocate, drive shared
project vision/scope, manage
customer requirements, develop &
maintain business... Multiple Committees within board of directors
Audit Committee
-Reviews and assess the qualitative aspects of financial reporting to
-Completely responsible for compensation and maintenance of the auditor
Finance Committee
-Supervise the financial affairs of the company
Antitrust Compliance Committee
-Tries to prevent the company practices from violating antitrust laws
-Oversees the performance from the compliance
Compensation Committee
-Approves compensation for the CEO and other employees of the company
Governance & Nominating Committee
-Handles various corporate matters including nomination of the board

Questions? 1975 1985 2003 2000 2007 2009
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