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Argumentative Writing

Notes on the difference between Argument (logic and fact) and Persuasion (emotion and fallacy)

Laura Daniel

on 30 October 2012

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Transcript of Argumentative Writing

Argumentative Writing The Difference in
Proving Your Point
And Having an Argument How do I do it? And how am I supposed to use this? There's a Difference? Of Course! Argumentative Writing is like a closing argument in a court case.
Avoid Pathos UNLESS it directly feeds the logic I mean, I know how to write a persuasive paper! Which
Best? And they're all like "Don't
forget, 10 o'clock curfew
tonight." As a general rule, parents - like most audiences - respond to logic. Well... sound logic, at least... An argumentative essay should work with logic. Like, "Mother, did you know that more teen traffic accidents are caused by speeding than by most other types of distracted driving." And you've got a few choices... Or The Calm, Logical, Argumentative Choice
"You know, the game is an hour away, so it would be scientifically impossible for me to get back that early without breaking the speed limit." The Anxst-y Emotional Choice:
"No one else has a curfew! Why do you ALWAYS make me stay in? You just don't want me to have fun! (cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr (cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr It's like an argument with your parents... And facts. Don't forget the cold, hard facts... The Logical Fallacy:
"BUT everyone ELSE is going! And NO ONE else has to come home so early!" And where does this leave us? Way more effective than fallacies Definitely more effective than emotional outbirsts. (cc) photo by medhead on Flickr Calm Logic and facts are very effective I think we know which of those arguments might work. Not on my folks, they'd still keep me in, but maybe on most folks.... For most arguments, it is a balancing act. Facts Fallacy And Mostly Emotion Logic Persuasive writing is about all available tools, including... Very
little emotion Facts Counterargument But mostly Logic While argumentative relies on a very specific set of tools... In High School, we are going to write argumentative, not persuasive essays. think of
the other side represent the bad guys and how you're right show why they're wrong put aside emotion so you must work with logic Just the Tip Of a Real
Huge Type We're Going to Study But this is just the begining. And you can't get overwhelmed. Give yourself some time. After all... you're a teenager... You know how to argue.
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