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Anton Chekhov's "The Looking GLass"

No description

Taylor Lane

on 20 September 2013

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Transcript of Anton Chekhov's "The Looking GLass"

"The Looking Glass" symbolizes Nellie's imagination and her wish to be married, but also symbolizes how she is really afraid of seeing her imaginary husband die before he does.
Anton Chekhov's
"The Looking Glass"
Presented By: Noah Franklin and Taylor Lane

Nellie-The daughter of a landowner and general, a young and pretty girl, dreaming day and night of being married.
Husband- A man who Nellie dreams.
Stepan Lukitch- Is a Doctor of her district, who has typhus, and she needs him to cure her husband who is ill.

1.)The setting is 30 miles from Zemstvo, Russia.
2.)It is winter and her husband has a severe case of typhus.
Nellie needs a doctor to help her husband, but Dr. Lukitch is sick with typhus also.
Nellie then decides she must go to a doctor that is far away from her.
Nellie realizes that she is going to have to watch her husband die at some point because, They can not die at the same time.
This hurts her but it is necessary.
The theme of the looking glass is that people should always care more about others than themselves. Nellie displayed this in that she was concerned about her husband dying.
The Tone of "The Looking Glass" is depressing and sad throughout the story.
This short story is sad because it's about a lady name Nellie who dreams of having the husband of her dreams, and how when she finally fines the husband of her dreams and then how she dreams of him dying.
Anton Chekhov is the author of this short story.
Anton is from Russia and he decided to compose a large book of short stories this story is one of those stories.
I thought that "The Looking Glass" was a deep story in that i felt that Nellie was noble because, she wanted to live forever with her husband. She realized in the end, that she would at some point in her life watch her husband die-Noah Franklin
I thought that the story of "The Looking Glass" was a in depth story about a women who dreams of a husband who she can live forever with, but in the end she dreams she will watch her husband die-Taylor Lane

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