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Bowling for Colombine

views and opinions as well as how Michael Moore persuades. the big quesition: how he uses various techiniques and why?

Sienna Matotek

on 19 August 2010

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Transcript of Bowling for Colombine

Bowling for Columbine What is the BIG issue that Michael Moore wants us to consider? purpose of positioning audience techniques used. Throughout the Documentary Michael Moore addresses the issue of gun law within America. He asks us to consider a right versus a want or need. In America everyone has the right to posses a gun, however, Michael Moore poses the question of is it really necessary? Michael Moore uses a number of techniques to convince and persuade his audience. One of these techniques includes the persona he creates for himself. This is crucial as how people perceive him affects how his ideas are conveyed to the audience. He looks very unkempt throughout the documentary as he wears lose clothing, looks very unclean and is a bit overweight, displaying a stereotypical southern American. His dialect is and he acts dumb at times to get the answer he desires. All of this allows him to seem like the average American and therefore appeal to his audience. "I guess I don't see that specific connection because the missiles that you're talking about were built and designed to defend us from somebody else who would be aggressors against us." Compared to how he dresses offset Setting is a big component of Michael Moore’s interview style and is very effective in persuading his audience. The settings he uses often contradict the point or opinion that the interviewee is trying to get across or how they appear to the audience. This is evident in the following snapshot of a scene where Michael Moore interviews Evan McCollum, Director of Communications at a Lockheed Martin plant near Columbine. During this particular scene he says But the setting that Michael Moore has chosen is a giant missile, which the audience is aware of, and all our attention turn to the missile and we don’t take Evan seriously. He claims that he doesn’t see the connection between the weapons they use and what they do with them and what the boys at columbine did. But both weapons were invented or are used for self defence so I actual fact they are used for the same purpose and there is a connection. The setting persuades us to think that what the Lockheed company does is actually worse than or the reason behind the columbine massacre. To make his documentary seem factual and even further persuade the audience he adds archival material such as historical and security camera footage. He also uses a montage of various shooting scenes or world crisis’s involving guns or ammunitions. This provides the evidence for the argument and allows you to side with him as he makes it hard to argue fact versus reality. Sound is also a component as the song “what a wonderful world’ is a re- occurring theme and really positions the audience and opens their eyes to the fact that it isn’t really a wonderful world if these sorts of things happen. The use of the south park style cartoon demonstrates how children were exposed to guns at a young age a children watch cartoons. This therefore makes the audience aware just how early kids are playing with and seeing guns used, so it is no wonder they are getting hold of them when they are older as they were brought up with them. Americans are so caught up on owning and using guns that they are losing sight of what is important, the community. They don’t realise the damage guns cause to families and if everyone wasn’t so intent on owning or using guns then there would be less and less need for them. American’s have this idea that a gun provides comfort but it isn’t really a comfort item if it is the reason the gun death rate is so high in America? I think the big issue here is that America is so paranoid of dying or getting hurt that they are putting their lives and each other’s lives in danger. If America had better gun control and a less paranoid society then they would be a lot better off and wouldn’t have to live in fear of everyone else. The End
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