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California Drought

No description

Celina Torres

on 13 May 2015

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Transcript of California Drought

California uses water in many ways. Farming is one important way California uses its water. This provides food for our country and others as well. Drinking water is the most important use of our water.
How does the California Drought affect the world?
If California is in a drought and it gets any worse the world may have a food shortage, because a lot of food comes from California and if we cannot water our crops the world is affected too.
If the same water has been here for millions of years why a drought now? Where is the water?
The drought can be caused by global warming or pollution. We cause this by having factories that let out bad gasses and other chemicals.
A drought can also occur when the movement of the air AKA weather patterns push the rain away.
What is a Drought?
A Drought is a period of dry weather, especially a long one that is injurious to crops. Many crops come from California, so it affects the United States and some other countries.
How does California use water?
Five most important uses of water
Conserving Water with Drought Tolerant Landscapes
Here is a graph about the California's drought.
1. Drinking and Feeding Animals
2. Growing crops
3. Cooking
4. Washing ourselves and animals
5. Keeping Houses and Communities clean
What is a good use of water?

By: Celina Torres,
Anthony Franco,
Addison Wilder,
Ryan Williamson,
And some help from our mentor Mrs.Whitley
What is our action?
Our action is to inform people that we can reduce our use of water by changing the way we water our landscape and our homes. We can reduce our water by using fake grass instead of real grass. The United States uses about nine billion gallons of water a day on their landscape. Most of that water goes to their lawn. If we think about our landscapes in a different way we can conserve water for more important uses.
Here are some drought tolerant landscapes. Like this one...
You can still have a beautiful landscapes without using that much water.
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