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Solutions Nurture Customer Experience Drip


Lindsay Lyons

on 1 October 2012

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Transcript of Solutions Nurture Customer Experience Drip

What happens if a Customer doesn't engage Customers don't always click on an email right away, so here's the plan for that This is Jake He is an ITDM for a Financial Consultant Firm in the Southeast US Jake receives approximately 350 emails per day, which are a mixture of: Advertising Executive requests ...and LOLCats forwarded from his Mom So, sometimes emails fall through the cracks. That's where Eloqua steps in. Jake is a contact in the Dell Database and regularly receives email from Dell. Recently, he received a very interesting newsletter... ... and he saw this piece on backup. ...so he clicked on it. First Jake sees this landing page... ...and downloads this infographic ...based on Jake's choice, we send him the next email for the BURA track 48 hours later. ... and then Jake doesn't do anything... ...nothing... ...no click no open. Because we know Jake didn't click or open and he was interested in BURA, we send him a "drip" email highlighting information we think he may be interested in. ... Jake still doesn't open or click on the email... 10 days later... ...10 days later If Jake had clicked on either asset on the Drip email, he would have been placed back into the Solutions Nurture BURA nurture track. BUT... Because Jake's company is a Select/ AQU account, he receives this "rescue" email.

If Jake schedules an on-site assessment, he will pass to sales as a marketing qualified lead.

If he does not engage with this email, he will go back into the top of the funnel and receive our next BAU email.
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