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Victoria's Secret

No description

Miki Akiyama

on 31 January 2013

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Transcript of Victoria's Secret

Business Strategy VS has ton of marketing (online, print, and through in store deals) and consistent new product introduction
“Free Panty”
“10 dollars off any Pink purchase”
Semi Annual Sales
Incremental Incentives
Fantasy Bra Changes in Management team 1982 Raymond sold VS to Leslie Wexner,
1985-1991 Howard Gross became the president
1993 Grace Nichols became the president of VS stores
After 1996 brand over stretch Sharen Jester Turney became the new chief executive of catalog and web (2000)
2006 she turned to CEO
2006 Christine Beauchamp was named president and CEO of Victoria’s Secret Beauty Much of Victoria Secret's success is attributed to Grace Nichols. Nichols joined Victoria's Secret in 1986 as vice president, general merchandise manager.
In 1988 she was promoted to executive vice president. In 1991, Ms. Nichols was named President and CEO of Victoria's Secret. Under Nichol's leadership, Victoria's Secret has become one of the top 10 recognized brands in the world and the leading specialty retailer of lingerie. Development Outline 1 about Victoria's secret and history of organization
2 development
3 mission
4 business strategy
5 changes in management team
6 organizational structure Mission Organizational Structure Victoria's Secret was founded by Roy Raymond on June 12, 1977
In 1982, Victoria's secret went bankruptcy and Raymond sold Victoria's secret Inc to Limited Brands company
In 2004 Victoria's Secret created the launch of Pink
2012 sales were $6.12 billion with an operating income of $1 billion and they have 1,000 stores in the US Organizational Chart Leslie Wexner
Limited, Inc. Christine Beauchamp
Intimate Beauty Corp.
Victoria's Secret Beauty Sharon Turney
Victoria's Secret Direct
(Catalogue and Web) Grace Nichols
Victoria's Secret Stores VP
New Media
(Web) VP
Marketing VP
Production VP
Creative VP
Merchandising About Victoria's Secret Victoria's secret is the largest American retailer of lingerie
Product: lingerie, woman's wear and beauty products through its 1,000 U.S. stores, catalogs (annually mailing out 375 million) and website
Area served: United States, Canada, United Kingdom
Founder: Roy Raymond
A holding company: Limited Brands company Roy Raymond the founder of VS History its development suggest that "Lingerie is fashion", "Sexy lingerie" rather than "Lingerie is an underwear"
Victoria's Secret Fashion Shows, Victoria Secret Catalogs and Victoria Secret models has brought the success of Victoria's secret Conclusion In 2000, the sales fell down and Sharen Jester Turney changed the catalog
dimming the hooker looks in Victoria's Secret catalog" such as "tight jeans and stilettos" to one that was more akin to a Vogue lifestyle layout, where lingerie, sleepwear, clothes and cosmetics appear throughout the catalog she decided to start online shop Closing in on three decades since its startup,
Victoria’s Secret has become a household name with worldwide notoriety.
“Victoria’s Angels” and its highly attractive advertising campaign, its use of technology and information based decision making has propelled the company to be the top women’s lingerie company in the United States. Thank you for listening deliver a best in class, captivating, branded customer experience that builds loyalty and enables consistent sales and profit growth.

make cheap junk and sell it for more than it's worth Thank you, Helena, for teaching me and thank you for everyone
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