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Henry Ford, Model T Ford, and Assembly Line


Maddie Knox

on 28 January 2014

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Transcript of Henry Ford, Model T Ford, and Assembly Line

Henry Ford, Model T Ford, and Assembly Line
The significance to the Roaring 20's
People involved with the Model T
Important events
How did the Henry Ford and his Model T Ford affect society, economy and politics during the 1920s?
The Model T changed the world in many ways.
It allowed people to move farther away from cities, which made the cities bigger.
When creating the Model T, Henry also modified the assembly line to make the production go faster and more efficient
Took 1/10 it previously took to build a car
Henry Ford also presented one of the first 8 hour work days, five days a week.
Lastly, Henry paid workers $5 dollars which was double the amount usually paid, making people want to work there, creating more cars and jobs
3 shifts to have new people building a car every shift and have shifts all day
Henry Ford made modifications like electric lights, radiator shells, and electric starters to modernize the Model T.
The Model T helped by transportation.
The Model T was easy to use and drive.
The Model T had a cheap price and created jobs.
The Model T allowed people to move farther away from cities, which made the cities bigger.
1914- Ford produces 308,162 cars
1915- electric lights invented
1916- radiator shell changes from brass to black
1919- electric starter invented
1924- Model T's price is changed to $260 from $825
1927- Henry Ford stops making Model Ts.
"1896- Ford perfected his first version of a lightweight gas-powered car, he called the 'quadricycle."
1903- Ford started the automobile company
1908-1927- Ford built half of the automobiles in the world more than 15 million cars.
1914- Ford sold Model T's at $490 each.
The price almost half of what a car was sold for in 1910
The price dropped to $390 the next year
1925- Ford introduced colors for the Model T
Ford use to say, "You can have any color as long as it's black."
1927-Last model T was produced
Henry Ford created the Model T and the Ford company.
When making the car, he needed to add things that have never been in cars before such as electric lights.
He also invented the first reliable car, which anyone could afford.
Took America from the technology of a horse and buggy to machines that run on an engine powered by gas.
Having the Model T produced in a assembly line introduced mass production.
He is influential to the topic because he changed how everyone looks at cars and who can own a car as well. He made a car that ordinary people could afford
Fun Facts
To start the engine you had to hand crank it
Highland Park a modern assembly plant were cars were produced and the 15th million Model T was made
Cars traveled about 10 times faster than a horse and buggy
Usually the cars would travel 40-45 miles per hour
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