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Ángela Martínez Alcolea

on 18 January 2016

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"Humans aren’t gonna behave as we think we always should."

Alan Campbell is a good example of this quote. He knew that Dorian killed Basil and he destroyed his body without saying anything to anybody.
"We’re just animals still learning how to crawl."
This is related to the novel because Lord Henry was a bad influence on Dorian and he taught him a lot of bad things, so it’s like Dorian learnt how to crawl because of Henry’s influence.
"Underneath it all we’re just savages. Hidden behind shirts, ties and marriages."

Dorian Gray used to be very elegant with his clothes. In the outside he looked like a rich man and people that didn’t know him thought that he was a good person. Maybe if you are walking in the street and you see a bad-dressed person, with tattoes or with piercings and next to him is Dorian, you are afraid of the vulgar person instead of being afraid of the elegant man, because we have a lot of pedujices that are related to the physical appearences.

"Murder lives forever."

I have related this with Cruella de Vil.
She is one of the evilest character of Disney because she was obsessed with the skin of animals, she had always pursued this creatures . In this case she wanted to finish with the life of a lot of dalmatians with the intention of getting new outfits without feeling sorry about the damage she could do. She will live forever because the family of the victims that Cruella de Vil killed will always remember her.

"I’m not afraid of God. I’m afraid of man."

I’m going to relacionate this sentence with the Wolfman and people in general. When Wolfman is just a man is a nice and a normal person but with the moonlight he does the transformation into a wild creature and he does bad things like killing people. I also relacionate this with all people because not all the good ones are so good and not all the bad ones are so bad. Each person has good and bad things, probably there are persons who are so bad but they all have their good part and persons who are so good but they all have their bad part.

"We live, we die, we steal, we kill, we lie. Just like animals."

Dorian lived without thinking about the feelings of other people. He only thought about himself, like animals do to survive. A good example of this was when he killed one of his friends just because he gave his opinion about how horrible the picture was.

"I’m not afraid of God. I’m afraid of man."

In 2015, the number of victims of violence against women has increased. 64 women have been killed by their partners last year. In our opinion we shouldn’t be afraid of the human being. We are the only responsibles of our acts and we have killed, we have stole we have abused and we have judged. We are afraid of man because the human race has shown us that we aren’t good people and that we can’t trust in anybody. It’s our fault. if man were good, we wouldn’t be afraid of him.

''Are you killing for yourself or killing for your saviour?''

Last 13th November, in Paris there was a jihadist´s attack.
A lot of people were injured, and some people died.
We think that they did it with the excuse of his God, Ala, but… Is a God a good reason to kill ? Or is it a good reason to destroy a city and the life of so much people? I don’t think so. We don’t know the reason about this massacre, but we are sure that they wanted us to get afraid of them and they reached it in a certain way.
This is connected with this part of the song because like we said before, there isn´t any reason to kill, or to do that kind of things to innocent people.

"It's survival of the fittest, rich against poor."

I can associate this sentence with the increase of money that last year in Atenas.
The politicians wanted to raise taxes and cut pensions for all poor citizens to ''improve the bankruptcy''.
The human inequality continues growing: the rich ones become increasingly rich, while million people continues in the poverty. In our opinion, this types of actions were savages. I think that it isn't an appropriate way to solve the things because the poor people need help and they shouldn’t pay more. Why is it necessary to do that to people who are on the edge of poverty ?
I don’t know, only the politicians know it.
''All the hate coming out from a generation.''
After Sibyl Vane died, Dorian decided to live the life without caring anything of anybody and this caused that people started to think in a negative way about him, so everybody hated him.

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