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Worlds strongest longest lightest Popsicle bridge

No description

Grace Jin

on 22 October 2012

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Transcript of Worlds strongest longest lightest Popsicle bridge


Popsicle bridge Strongest Lightest Longest This bridge was made out of Popsicle sticks and glue. completely You would have long stringers.
Each Popsicle sticks in length. To connect the four Popsicle sticks together, you'd use three Popsicle sticks at the joint. You would also make 3 Stringers, three Popsicle sticks in length. You would use 2 Popsicle sticks at the joint to connect them. With the shorter string on top and the longer stringer on the bottom. You could create 3 trusses. A truss basically looks like a trapezoid. Next you add the diagonals The diagonals are .25 inches apart from each other at the vertex 0.25 inches You would have 8 diagonals on each of your trusses. X 8 Once you have completed all three trusses, you can add tie members You will put on six tie members X 6 On top you will put one tie member at each place where 2 diagonal meet.
This is why it was important to leave .25 inch space
Tie Members Tie Members Using a ruler you will align the three tie members on the bottom stringer with the tie members on the top stringer. Making sure they are vertical from the top tie members. Things to consider when you are making the bridge Put a generous amount of glue on the joints but wiped off the excess glue that oozes out for aesthetic and functional reason/purpose Use a dummy for the stringers. So that the piece sticking out is half a Popsicle stick in length. /2 To hold your joints in place when the glue is drying you can use binder clips Once you're done your bridge, you should file it Doubling

your diagonals can also make your bridge stronger Doubling your diagonals can also make your bridge stronger Creating X's spanning from one tie member to another can also add strength The reason we create diagonals is because those diagonals form the strongest shape, a triangle. What this bridge is capable of In the testing phase, this bridge was capable of with staining the weight of our Quality Control Manger, Neil K. Meeting our goal of the Strongest Lightest Bridge

How this works

bridge This bridge relies on the principle of compression The weight of the load that is placed on top of the gets distributed down the diagonals to the bottom stringer where then tension brings the force to the sides. Team efforts each of our group members got a role to do was Quality Control
was Fabricator
was Communicator Grace Neil Sean What quality-control did was check over all the work that we were doing. Neil was responsible to make sure we were on the right track. Fabricators job was to fabricate/make the Although we all had to make our own individual bridges. Sean's job was to make sure he lent a hand to who ever needed it. My job as a communicator was to create the My job was to make sure that our bridges were explained. Making sure that my group did their daily logs.
Day one: Creating the three large stringers

Day two: Finish the work of the three large stringers

Day three: Began creating the three shorter stringers

Day four: Began making trusses

Day five: Adding diagonals to the trusses

Day six: Continuous work on diagonals.

Day seven: Repairs and doubling my diagonals

Day eight: Putting on tie numbers

Day nine: Creating "x" 's to provide more strength

Day ten: Sanding and final touches to bridge. My Daily Log Challenges we had Creating this bridge may have seemed very simple; using just craft supplies, but there were many we faced. difficulties There were many Popsicle sticks. faulty Solution So we had to spend a very long time examining every single Popsicle stick to make sure they would not affect our overall bridge. When adding on the tie members they rather easily. broke Because of that putting on tie members was a bit more time consuming. I personally made my own tie members when the original ones broke. Time restraint. We needed more time to work on our bridge so, my group members and I were committed at lunch and before school to finish it.

Overall I think this project was very fun. You got to work with your hands and get creative, I learnt a lot
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