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Mike Smith's Roller Coaster In-Service Feb 19

No description

Michael Smith

on 5 September 2014

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Transcript of Mike Smith's Roller Coaster In-Service Feb 19

Let’s Play the Oreo Stock Market Game

Then…give it all away

Shop for three days and share.

Tally it up!

The Billboard

Another good stock story…

Now, how do we get money
to get started?

The Venture Capitalist

Take a little break…

$1,000.00 bucks and moving out
of Grandma’s basement…

Let’s Go to the Park!

Philanthropic Sites


The LIVE Commercials…

The Kerpoof Commercials

Companies produce three types of Advertising

1. Billboard

2. Kerpoof Commercial

3. Live Commercial

Let the Marketing Begin…

Continue to play the game and
keep an eye on some real stocks…

Understanding Stocks

I also incorporate the 16 Habits of Mind into our coasters, literally.

We take our notes on a beam, and then work the beam into our coasters.

Start the Excel Spreadsheet…

Give them the challenge, the requirements, and a blank sheet of
foam board from Michael’s…$1.99.

Schedule the meeting and let them present their pitch to the VC.

Inform them of how much money the VC is willing to give based
on their pitch (between $800,000 and $1,000,000).

3 Steps…

Google Offices

Box and a Little Junk


The Logo

The student will use examples to explain the concept of inertia in everyday situations.

The student will describe the relationship between mass and gravity.

 The student will describe the following interactions: speed, velocity, and acceleration.

The student will describe the following forces: gravity, magnetism, and friction.

The student will provide evidence to demonstrate the relationship between force and motion.

The student will identify the force(s) acting on moving and stationary objects.

Roller Coaster Skills...and fun!


First, A Warm Up…Sam Loyd

Taking Roller Coasters to New

Any time during the unit throw in “training classes” for various aspects of what you want to teach.

For example, I combine “Roller Coaster Engineering 101” with Khan Academy for the physics aspect.

Begin Your Coaster…

There’s always a catch…

Call 877- ****
scroll over picture and push play
scroll over image and push play
video clip - scroll over and push play
video clip - scroll over and push play
the venture capitalist (VC) will loan
the company the $800,000 required
to begin the business

in exchange, the VC gets 10% of the
scroll over image and push play
scroll over image and push play
scroll over image and push play
scroll over image and push play
let's see Conner's shopping
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