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From "Made to Stick" by Chip and Dan Heath

leidy klotz

on 21 September 2011

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Transcript of SUCCESs Model

S U C C E S s Simple
What's the core of your message?
Can you use an analogy?
Not about dumbing down, about prioritizing Unexpected
Violate a schema (cities better than rural)
Use curiousity gaps (What are Saturn's rings made of?
Make your audience want your message Stories
They work through simulation - what to do
Also work through inspiration - motivation to do it
Help people see how an exiting problem might change
Help people see how to create a better future Concrete
Use sensory language - like Aesop's fables
Paint a mental picture ("man on the moon" vs. 20% by 2020)
Data can work here too Credible
Can get this from authorities (maybe even you)
Can also get from anti-authorities (Jared, reviewers on Amazon)
Human-scale statistics or vivid details
Let people evaluate themselves ("Where's the beef") Emotional
People care about people (not numbers - sorry)
"What's in it for you" is important
Identity appeals can trump self interest - you are this kind of person, and these kinds of people act this way...
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