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Architectural Design 2 - Case Study

No description

Adil AL-jahdhami

on 30 September 2014

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Transcript of Architectural Design 2 - Case Study

Architectural Design 3 - Case Study
Local Social Club

Ras Al Hamra Recreation center
Main Entrance
Sohar Garden
Purpposes: Conference, meeting and party.
Swimming Pool
Children's PlayGround
Marlin Hall
Purposes: Meeting, conference, section event, party and club event
Tennis Court
Boat Club
Cinema Hall
Purpose: Sailing, events and parties
Arts Centre
Outdoor BBQ Area
Basketball Court
Indoor/Outdoor Restaurant
Administration Office
Sports Hall
The RAS AL HAMRA Recreation Centre (RAHRC) is located in the Ras al Hamra residential area. The RAHRC provides opportunities for social, recreational and sporting activities for the benefit of RAH staff and their families. Membership requires the payment of a modest monthly fee, which is automatically charged to the members’ account.

The Ras al Hamra (RAH) Club boasts a number of facilities for both social and recreational activities. It has coffee shop and restaurant as well as swimming pools for adults and children, private beache, gymnasiums and nine-hole golf course which is under construction. All payments, whether for food, or sports instruction, are made through an electronic membership card and recovered from the member’s salary.

Most activities at the Club are run by volunteer members who form "sections", such as the Ras al Hamra Amateur Dramatic Society, the Astronomy section, and so on. The sections can not only make full use of RAHRC facilities but also receive some financial support from the club. And if there is no section that covers your particular interest, you can start one up yourself!

Sports and Social recreation facilities at the RAH club:Arts & Craft Centre, Boat Club, Book Library, Bulk Store, Cinema/Theatre Hall, Golf Club, Gym, Ladies Association, Snooker Room, Squash Courts, Swimming Pool, Tennis Courts, Video Shop, Volleyball Court.

Name: Adil Rashid AlJahdhami
ID: 12S1051
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