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Emeli Sandé

No description

Al'Kia Spaulding

on 18 December 2012

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Transcript of Emeli Sandé

Singer, Musician, Songwriter Adele Emeli Sandé Birthday & Place March 10, 1988 (age 24 years)

Emeli Sandé was born in Alford, Aberdeenshire, Scotland Educational Background For Emeli missing school was not an option, well, mainly because she loved it way to much. Also, her father, Mr. Sandé, was a teacher at her Secondary school. In Scotland Secondary school is for children from the ages 11 to 18, compulsory up to the age of 16. If Emeli was to get into any trouble during school the news would get back to her dad within a matter of minutes. She hated whenever she missed a day or was unable to attend school because she was sick. She had a pasion for education.
Emeli is a former Medical student, she studied at University of Glasgow before she started her career. Family Emeli Sandé was born to a Zambian father and English mother. Reason for fame References http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Secondary_school http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emeli_Sand%C3%A9 Sandé's sister made a video of her playing the piano and singing to one of her favorite songs. They sent the clip to Trevor Nelson's BBC Urban music competition. Sandé won the show and was offered a record deal. Sandé soon signed a recored deal with Virgin Records and EMI Records.

Sandé made her singing career debut in 2009 after appearing on the track she wrote for Chipmunk's first debut single, "Diamond Rings". the single charted at No. 6 on the UK Singles Charts, making it Chipmunk and Sandé's first ever Top 10 Hit. Professional singers and songwriters may work in a variety of facilities, from cafes and bars to larger live music venues and festivals. The wages singers and songwriters get paid are often based on their popularity, how much freelance work they do, the industry they are employed in and the area in which they live. Approximate Income (cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr Community Service Emeli has singing competitions for children 18 and under in the UK. you sign up and then submit your audition video, hoping your dreams come true to be noticed by the world and get signed to a record lable. Hobbies Emelis' favorite hobbie is to play the Piano Professional Activities Emeli opened and closed the 2012 Olympics ceremony Birthday & Place Emeli was born on March 10, 1987 in Alford, Aberdeenshire, Scotland. 2013 Tour dates United States Of America

Jan 12 Sat

Variety Playhouse Atlanta, GA
08:30 PM

Emeli Sande

Jan 14 Mon

Howard Theatre Washington, DC
08:00 PM

Emeli Sande

Jan 15 Tue

Paradise Rock Club Boston, MA
08:00 PM

WXRV The River Presents Emeli Sande
Details: Emeli Sande, Emily King

Jan 17 Thu

Webster Hall New York, NY
07:00 PM

Emeli Sande
Details: Emeli Sande, Emily King

Jan 18 Fri

Mr. Smalls Theatre Millvale, PA
08:00 PM

Emeli Sande with Emily King
Details: Emeli Sande

Jan 19 Sat

Theatre of Living Arts Philadelphia, PA
08:00 PM

Emeli Sande
Details: Emeli Sande, Emily King

Jan 21 Mon

Pike Room @ The Crofoot Pontiac, MI
07:30 PM

Emeli Sande

Jan 23 Wed

Varsity Theater Minneapolis, MN
07:00 PM

Emeli Sande
Feb 6 Wed

El Rey Theatre Los Angeles, CA
08:00 PM

Emeli Sande w/ Emily King
Details: Emeli Sande, Emily King

Feb 7 Thu

House of Blues San Diego San Diego, CA
06:30 PM

Emeli Sande Admirations.. good roll model? Yes! i absolutely admire Emeli Sande. She is one of my biggest inspirations. Emeli inspires me to... http://www.ehow.com/info_8408888_much-do-singersongwriters-paid.html Ranging anywhere from $8.04 to $58.90 accorinding to the The Bureau of Labor Statistics report
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