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DRC Social Media Webinar

No description

Michael Segner

on 12 December 2012

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Transcript of DRC Social Media Webinar

The Era of @DynamicDRC Tools Thank you for your attention! Questions? Hootsuite
Manage and schedule multiple social media sites
Provides metrics of social media pages

Internal Social Media Action Log
Posted on SharePoint
Logs all postings on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube Primary Goals of Social Media
Build relationships with critical stakeholders including customers, partners, media, etc.
Raise the visibility of DRC's thought leadership and capabilities
Boost awareness of DRC's CSR efforts and corporate culture
Support recruitment efforts DRC Social Media
Campaign Goals 5/23/12 2 Results Quick wins
DRC’s Twitter page reaches 5,000 twitter accounts per week
Top retweeters of our content on twitter include Federal News Radio, Federal Computer Week, and Washington Exec
We have added 40 new Facebook Followers since February
150-200 people viewed our Facebook page per week in April
We have adapted Facebook to highlight top job openings for recruiting Guidelines How To Make Social Media Work For You Highly Engaged Audience – 57% of U.S. workers use social media for business purposes at least once per week

Used by those with Purchasing Authority –Deep penetration into the enterprise with use by C-level audiences (customers, executives and influencers)

Knowledge Advancement & Crowdsourcing –Acquire knowledge and ask questions from a community (partners and competitors) WHO IS USING SOCIAL MEDIA? Build relationships cost-effectively and quickly

A dynamic new platform to demonstrate expertise and gain exposure

Repurpose and repackage existing thought-leadership content

Maximize the content investments they’ve already made and the ROI from them What Can Social Media Do For Me? STRATEGIC APPROACH CAMPAIGN IMPACT AND EFFECTIVENESS EXPOSURE
Impressions among target audiences
Month-over-month growth rates
Detailed reports of where you are seeing growth
Tools and strategies for sustainable exposure INFLUENCE
Is your voice making an impact
Go back to pre-defined goals
Examine audience sentiment
Examine engagement mix and composition ENGAGEMENT
How many people found your message impactful
Generate and lead conversations
Audience response and measurement Tweetreach
Provides metrics of DRC’s twitter activity
Illustrates reach of fans re-tweeting our posts to other audiences

Fizz & MentionMAPP
Real-time insights into discussions to track your influence
Maps who is talking about you Don't use illegal or copyrighted material

Protect confidential information

Use a disclaimer

Be transparent

Do not engage with news media (but let us know if they engage you) Best Practices Best Practices Keep the conversation positive

Be a leader — own an issue

Promote and engage with others Be accessible and responsive

Highlight 3rd party endorsements

Leverage credible online destinations DRC tweet schedule
Designed by Sage, this provides a schedule of what tweets they will post
Schedules messages around current corporate focus (e.g., Big Data) KEEP IN MIND Online conversation can result in potential profits, business leads, industry relevance and market share. How to effectively monitor and measure your campaign Where Would You Post Each Story? Eight DRC Nominees Make the Final Cut of the American Business Awards

Pics of Bill and Tim at the Irish Pub last night

Attending the Gov Health IT Conference next week, looking forward to learning more about EHR adoption

Great article on continuous monitoring and cybersecurity: http://bit.ly/Kwd9ed

Going to the lake this weekend- so excited! #DRCsm
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