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Ancient Greece Gods

Explanation of the greek gods

isaiah forte-rose

on 22 October 2012

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Transcript of Ancient Greece Gods

Ancient Greek Gods KRONOS The 3 major gods dad The gods chopped him up and threw him into tartarus Zeus He was the main god in charge

He was the one to enforce all the rules

He approved what the gods could do Head god Zeus controlled the air and storms

Greek people would pray to him for rain God of Lightning Poseidon God of the Sea Controlled the tide

Was in charge of all ground water His Accomplishments He created the horse for Demeter

Cyclopes' were the sons of Poseidon

His weapon of choice was a trident

He controlled all sea animals He tried to eat the gods God of Mail Mailman Delivered all messages for the gods

Also delivered gifts on occasion Winged Shoes Flew around on winged shoes Hermes Goddess of beauty Goddess of love, beauty, and fertile

She also was the one to look out for sailors on the sea

Very beautiful goddess could seduce anyone she wanted

Wife to Hephaestus Her Birth Disputed whether or not she was born of Zeus and Dione or made from the seas God of War Ares Son of Zeus and Hera

Controlled the slaughter and gore part of war

Could pick sides for who wins the war Athena Goddess of Wisdom
War Controlled military tactics

Daughter of Zeus

Made Medusa into her form Hephaestus Black Smith God Made all weapons for the gods

Prayed to for the making of good weapons Apollo God of the sun Was said to drive around in the chariot of the sun around the world Took over Helios' job after the Titan War Hades God of the Dead Controlled the underworld

Controlled underground gems Artemis Goddess of the Hunt She was the goddess of wilderness,hunt, wild animals, and childbirth Dionysus God of Wine God of grape harvest

Wine and wine making
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