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Intellectual Journey Step II

No description

Bradi Hopkins

on 20 February 2013

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Transcript of Intellectual Journey Step II

Our Journey Through the doors of our senses we interact with nature. In this deep interaction our body, mind, and spirit partakes on a journey senses allow us to observe obvious things
we must look deeper

uses sibling relationships
"Brother Sun"
"Sister Water"
"Brother Wind"(117)

The Canticle of Brother Sun Kathleen Norris Up the West Branch Step II of St. Bonaventure's Intellectual Journey Henry David Thoreau Seeing St Francis of Assisi Cannot take things as they seem

We have to look in more detail

In order to get the real experience we have to experience it first hand

“trying to capture the whole of it in his camera lens” (2)
Lack of expression of his own interactions or feelings with nature
No real indication of personal growth through his voyage
Journey vs. Trip

“the hardly ‘voyager’ pushes with incredible perseverance and success quite up to the foot of the falls and then only carries round some perpendicular ledge” (143) Going to College

New living arrangements
New environment
change in spiritual/religious involvement
In order to succeed
open to change
excited to learn
accepting of challenges
Be FULLY engaged
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