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Google Classroom

No description

on 23 July 2015

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Transcript of Google Classroom

Google Classroom
Creating a Class
Click on the + at the top right
Then, name your class/period
Benefits for Students
Students can ask each other questions or carry on discussions about the work. (All visible to the teacher)
Students, through Google drive, have the ability to work on projects together from anywhere
There is no need for late work
They have access to all your instructions, assignments, videos, presentations, etc...
They have proof they turned it in on-time
You can't "Lose" their work

Things to Look Out For
When they resubmit they MUST add a comment or you have to go back daily and see who resubmitted. This comment will show up in an email to you, the resubmission won't.

Make certain they double check that their assignment HAS been submitted AND that the Formatting is fine.

Students should keep and NOT Delete any assignments, instead keeping them in Google Drive - FOREVER - kidding

Enjoy the rest of your summer!!!
You can create an Announcement that will send an email to your student's LISD account

You can also add Assignments in the form of downloads, Google Drive creations, Videos, PPTs, Prezis, and Hyperlinks. These will also generate an email in your students accounts.
If the students use Google Docs to do their work you can make comments on the actual document to have them make corrections and resubmit. You can also track their changes.
You have a date and time stamp of when they turned in their work.
You can send comments to individual students that only they can see. They receive an email notification.
No "Lost" student work
Students can always have copies of assignments, sort of a virtual INB
Uploading notes, assignments, PPTs and the like helps with Accomodations
Now it is your turn
Create a class
Name it and have your partner join. This is essential so you will have the opportunity to see what the student sees.
Now, add an assignment. Click the assignment tab, give it a name, maybe a note, set due date and/or time. Determine if you are adding this assignment to other classes.
Determine which file / assignment(s) you want to upload.
Students can view file is the best option, unless you specifically want them to edit and return a copy of your assignment for a grade - ex. "What change needs to be made to each sentence?"
Submit the assignment
Work together to view the teacher AND student views as it is vital to see what the students see as it is somewhat different from the teacher view. This and you can help instruct those students who are confused.
Contact Me
I would love to help if you have any additional questions

Leander HS
ext. 41085
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